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SOFinance LogotypeSO Finance is a signal provider platform which has only recently arrived to the market. It is publicized as the Number One twofold signal provider solution in the UK.

However, it seems a bit fishy, so many people began sending us messages asking to audit it despite the fact that it is a very young company and there is not that much information about it to begin with. But as timing is everything, we did our very best to attempt and find as much information about it as we could dig out.

Fundamentally, we couldn’t say with 100% assurance that this signal provider is absolutely a scam. Be that as it may, it is not right away obvious whether it could be a genuine software solution either.

This is the principle reason of why will give you both the sides of the coin in this present review. To be absolutely fair and impartial, we will include both side of what we found out about this company. So as to discover all the fundamental insights about SO Finance, keep on reading!

The Development History

Right away we need to note that this signal-provider software is not made by a solitary individual. From the official site we found out that SO Finance is created by a group of experts with consolidated involvement in the trading industry for more than 20 years.

Some of them have even worked in the Forex industry and have themselves been traders. This is the fundamental motivation behind finding their own company and the framework that the business has at this point of development.

Monitoring of the Market 24/7 — true or false?

Signals Whatsapp

The signals provided are less than trustworthy

According to the platform, a group of financial specialists work day and night with a specific end goal in mind: to watch, examine and always transfer information about the market changes onto the serves.

From what we could get concerning this statement, this really is done with a purpose to continually update the platform’s servers so that they can perform better trading operations and issue better signals and predictions about the developments on a specific market.

Free Trial and Paid Subscription

One thing that really cautions from the first glance and makes one think that SO Finance Software may be a scam is that it is free for a 14-day time for testing and afterwards clients need to pay for being able to use the signal provider solution for their trading.

After clients trade the required minimum amount of money, they will be sent an approved adaptation of the product by means of WhatsApp. Which is additionally exceptionally unusual and seems a bit fishy. That is to say, there are many individuals that use the visit stage, however there are some who like to utilize others.

A trader will also have to install the above mentioned software that was send to them on WhatsApp on their mobile device just so that they can start working with SO Finance.

This is neither helpful, not does it make us think that the solution is indeed designed for helping traders. Furthermore, it is very very much weird to ask you clients of any sort of online trading platform to order the software product by means of an intermediary, especially text messaging apps.

Monthly Subscription Prices

Despite the fact that we cannot recommend just one particular binary options robot suitable for everyone (it really depends on the trader’s needs), there are some choices out there that are truly helpful.

Pricing Monthly Subscription

The prices are steep, and quite a lot above the market average

We have investigated SO Finance subscription options in order to understand better how it works and now will give their general characteristics just with the purpose of illustrate how the platform can be used. The subscriptions go as follows:

  • 1-Month Subscription costs £69.99. It includes access to everything on the SO Finance System for the period of an entire month. There are bonuses and exceptional features and access to a Mentoring Service that helps new traders to grasp the fundamentals.
  • 3-Month Subscription costs £189.99. That is 10% discount compared to the subscription for just one month. Clients are qualified to access all the same features that the 1-Month subscription is offering to traders alongside with a free shirt with the symbols of the organization.
  • 6-Month Subscription is priced at £335.99 and the whole package is 20% cheaper than the one for just one month. As for the features and benefits, it is exactly the same as that of three months.

No Estimated Success Rate Yet

This is another particular thing about this signal provider robot that creates as anxious feeling in its online clients’ minds. More often than not, it doesn’t make a difference whether a robot is new on the market or not – its estimated success rate ought to be available publicly and accessible on the internet.

Unfortunately, this is not the situation that we found with SO Finance System. Be that as it may, in what manner can potential traders join and (more importantly) pay SO Finance when they are actually not given genuine and updated information?

No Information in Regards to the Founder

The signal provider has another curious thing about it: it is giving no data in regards to the proprietor or engineer team behind it. Just from the information that we can become acquainted with from the official site, the SO Finance platform is produced by a group of market and exchange experts who have more than 20 years of experience in the industry.

Learn How to Trade

You won’t learn anything from SO Finance

Everyone of the specialists is managing current market operations and watching the market situation, so they know about managing complex trading operations and have first-hand information that makes it number one platform in the UK.

All these data are very made-up and does not look genuine at all. Be that as it may, they have never shared data about the team and their software engineers. Indeed, even we don’t know who owns and manages operations of the SO Finance company.

We think they ought to keep up a straightforwardness in such matters as it makes the potential clients doubtful about the whole thing.

Customer Support and Mentor Services

Chat With Us Customer Support

The customer support is spotty, to say the least

Apart from the promise that the signal-giving robot sends in general anywhere between 6 and 12 signals to binary options traders day by day, it likewise includes two more services — client support and Mentor Guidance.

Mentoring AvailableThe first is said to be inconsistent and the second has just broad trading counsel to give to newbie traders. In the likely event that you need to understand the inside and out of financial trading, you ought to turn somewhere else.

News Section

This is the main aspect of this doubtful signal service that we agree to be quite alright. It is not very common for a new binary options signal software to have a News page updated and interesting.

But this one is truly great! It has all the necessary information about all the most recent market events and now and again even writes very interesting showcase investigations.


Not ReliableAs we have to conclude everything we saw and found out, this is pretty much likely to be a scam. In the event that you choose to register here, you’ll likely to lose the money you spent for nothing. So we would strongly advise to keep away from it.

Truly, we can’t locate any particular reason to trust this unknown robot. There are other choices on the market that are more suitable to choose from.


  • None


  • No information available about the company
  • No proper customer support
  • Paid service
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