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Social Tech Trader LogosSo Social Tech Trader was apparently founded by Albert and Gilbert Hanson, who used to work for the technical team of a large Wall Street bank.

They then decided to leave and do their own thing, aiming for the ‘modest’ target of millions of dollars of annual profit instead of billions.

The only problem they had?

Finding a replacement for the massive server farms the big banks used to have!

That’s when they stumbled upon an innovative solution; why not use the power of social networking! In this manner, Social Tech Trader uses the server power of each individual user to replace the server farms of the banks, so the more the merrier!

So can Social Tech Trader really use the power of social networking to earn you $6,440 a week?

See our answer below!

What is Social Tech Trader?

We’ll cut right to the point; no Social Tech Trader will not do any of the above:

  1. The backstory about Albert (just a lame hired actor) being a former employee of yet another unnamed Wall Street bank has been so overused that we are going to deduct points for lack of creativity.
  2. On the other hand, their ‘social networking’ angle was quite innovative and we have no doubt that it fooled more than its fair share of people.
  3. While we did not identify who the actor playing Albert was (he was not very convincing so we doubt we will see him on any other of these robot videos), you can see that the practice of using stolen and stock images pasted above fake testimonials is alive and well.

Social Tech Trader Traders

We won’t go any further into this. If you think that you can make $920 a day off a minimum $250 deposit, you know absolutely nothing about trading. By the way, that rate of return translates to a 468% profit in just one day!

Zero realism, and their ‘social networking’ explanation is just silly.

Social Tech Trader Stock Images

How Does It Work?

Social Tech Trader copies the same formula that every one of these fake advertising binary robots does.

They’re all just affiliate marketing schemes vying to earn affiliate commissions from their partner brokers.

Fake advertising really; that’s why they’re always offered for free. The robot itself does exist, however, and it’s usually just some generic auto-trading software that they use again and again.

We couldn’t positively identify which broker Social Tech Trader was partnering with as the website is no longer functioning, looks like the people behind it have moved on. Actually, the website currently redirects to Navstar Trader, which we have previously reviewed on this site.

Here’s a quick summary on the Social Tech Trader: don’t waste your time on that absolute nonsense.

Social Tech Trader Header

Even though Social Tech Trader is now defunct, there is something interesting that you can take away from it:

We have mentioned previously that one of the main ways these robots promote themselves is by biased review sites.

What happens is that these review sites will ‘expose’ 90% of the binary options robots out there as scams (which is true) and then they will endorse the remaining 10% as legitimate (which is false). In this way, they seem credible to their readers.

Social Trading Stock ImageOf course, the owners of these biased review sites are affiliates to these robots they endorse as well.

Quite a profitable business model. Why do we mention it? Because Social Tech Trader was one of those robots that was being endorsed as ‘legit’ by many so-called trusted binary review sites!

So how can you use this information to your advantage?

Simple, just do a search for Social Tech Trader reviews and the moment you see any review site touting Social Tech Trader as legit, you can immediately blacklist said site as utter biased garbage.

This may very well save you from being hoodwinked out of your money in the future.


Not Reliable

Social Tech Trader is just yet another binary options robot using fake advertising to try and get a piece of that affiliate commission pie.

And just like dealing with ignorant people on social networks, it’s time to add Social Tech Trader, and every review site giving it a positive review, to your ignore list.


  • Zero


  • Hired actors
  • Fake testimonials
  • Non-functioning website
  • Promoted by biased review websites
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7 Binary Options review: Social Tech Trader: 1 stars.
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