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Spectre System LogotypeThe Spectre System may come across as professional looking at first glance but don’t be fooled by this. Snapshots of various luxurious cars, enormous sums in the bank and lots of lovely women, are all put up on the website by Patrick Quinn who attempts scam you into believing that the system works.

As a savvy trader, a dubious presentation and using the lure of financial freedom coupled with boasting rights and sex appeal is not going to be very tempting. However, for the majority who are not market savvy, the goal is to scam them out of a lot of money.

Before you decide to use the Spectre System or any other binary options service we ask that you read this review first. Understand exactly why we think that this is a shady scam artist looking not to help you make money but become rich himself.

How does the Spectre System Scam Work?

Patrick Quinn wants everyone who visits the website to think that they are not being sold anything. But rather he is attempting to help everyone out of the goodness of his heart using a special so called patented automated trading system.

Earn 15159 Guaranteed

There is no way you’ll be making these kinds of earnings with this system

The system he boasts helps make a solid $15,000 a week, and that’s according to Patrick Quinn is a guarantee. Visiting SpectreSystem.net, and watching the presentation it was not hard to see how it works to brainwash people into thinking that the software was rolled out by Wall Street back in 2016.

Patrick Quinn wants people to assume that just as Google and Facebook, in addition to many other businesses started out of nothing and became giants the new auto-trader will also grow, if not revolutionize binary options trading. But the video is deceptive, and you can continue watching it until the very end, but we will give you a brief rundown of what it’s all about.

The system was or at least claimed to have been created by a trading genius who fully understood how the Binary Options Trading industry worked. So, they created SpectreSystem.net which can only trade two forex pairs i.e. EUR/USD and USD/GBP.

The reason why it supposedly emphasizes on these two currency pairs is because it does not want to spread its service too thin. So, the concept here is to focus on two pairs, which trade more with higher accuracy. However, don’t let this deceive you because this is not an honest individual that you’re dealing with here.

Get Free Access Protected Data

The access is not free, and your data is definitely not protected

After all he does state that all software trading apps are scams which is right to some degree but that does not mean that his own app is any better. Though enough of discussing the video and claims. Let’s discuss the truth and examine the evidence.

The Spectre System Scam uses Fake Reviews

Using fake reviews is a common practice even by businesses that have nothing to do with the Binary Options industry. The reviews help embellish their hugely funded marketing campaigns by mainly hiring paid actors to talk about and promote products.

In the binary options, trading industry competition is stiff and sometimes employing these tactics are the only way to get ahead of the competition or at least compete to some extent. So, we don’t necessarily instantly equate hiring actors to being a scam product or service.

In the case of Spectre System Software, we found many actors from Fiverr saturating the reviews page with fake testimonials. The testimonials were more like fake success stories, using various false identities.

Payout Testimonials Images

These testimonials are all using photos of paid actors

Even worse is the fact that these shady individuals can be found endorsing other binary options scams. The fact that these individuals are associated with so many other binary options scams means that they are out to make a quick buck like the scammers running the system.

It’s a clear fact that the testaments have been dictated by Spectre System which means that by no measure can they be authentic. With so many fabricated identities, low-quality actors, false testimonies and the fact that they (hired actors) are career enforcers of fake binary options scams means that Spectre System cannot be trusted.

How, can a trader trust a system that falsifies live profits, and endorsements to help you make a lot of money leave alone becoming a “Millionaire” in just 12 months.

The reasonable question that we should ask is if this system was so financially lucrative and legitimate then why are these actors and actresses performing scripted roles for just $5? Couldn’t they have made more money by just using the system?

The scam artists behind this system don’t want people to realize the facts about what it’s really about. You are lead to believe that it is a unique program that has the ability to calculate a 100% winning trade when all the factors have been aligned properly as per the algorithm.

The fake snapshots are brazenly shown to try and solidify the case that it works. But Patrick’s so-called ”verified” cash deposits shouldn’t be trusted.

The Launch Date – Another Sham!

The so-called lunch date mentioned on the website is yet another suspicious piece of information. The narrator on the website says it was launched in 2013. But when you investigate the domain registration date, it’s not hard to see that it’s hardly a month old. That’s a sure sign of the software being fraudulent.

Secret Earning Method

Absolutely ridiculous

The whole idea that they existed more than two years back is simply to deceive people into believing that they have a lot more experience. But they don’t! A closer examination of their web page will reveal that the developers made no effort to hide the date of construction either.

Buggy Widgets

The widget called ”Live Profits,” continues to show the same message over and over, regardless of how many times the page is refreshed. The widget we assume is to count the number of members on the website.

However, after even constantly refreshing the page, we can conclude that the developers were not trying hard enough or didn’t think it was worth deceiving traders. Perhaps they were too lazy and thought everyone else was like them. All of this makes the website look unprofessional, to say the least.

No one can guarantee profits

The video claims that traders have a 97% chance of making a profit or getting a return which is blatantly false. We know that any binary options software that promises this high of a success rate is almost always a scam because it’s not possible by any standard.

A 97% accuracy rate is impossible to attain in the binary options industry because it is highly volatile and the prices change every hour if not sooner. Yes! Experienced traders do still make a profit from trading binary options, but it stems from having a lot of experience and knowledge of the trading options.

Final Verdict about the Spectre System

Not ReliableYou shouldn’t feel the need to trust a website that uses falsified information. The website widgets are questionable, to say the least with fake testimonials sealing the deal in favor of us pronouncing it a scam. The videos on the official website shows no shred of evidence which will lead us to believe that the service is legitimate or the software actually works.

Anyone who does not understand how binary trading software should work by watching the presentation video should wait and not use the software. Research the market and the industry prior to making any deposit.

Make sure to read all of the reviews to determine if the software is worth the price being demanded. If you take everything, we’ve discussed in this review it’s not hard to see that Spectre System is, in fact, a scam and we recommend that you steer clear from it to safeguard your money!


  • None


  • Masks itself as a prestigious method
  • No information about creators or system
  • Uses paid actors for testimonials
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7 Binary Options review: Spectre System: 1 star

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