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Die Swiss MethodeThe Swiss Method is also called the Dutch Method it’s a kind of binary options trading bot or software. The presentation video is like every other scam that we’ve covered over the years i.e. they promise that your dreams will come true. However, the promises are without basis and are just to lure unsuspecting newbie traders.

We are simply amazed by just how effective this chain network method of scamming people still continues to be. The scammers behind the scams tend to release one or two methods almost every week.

Each method targets a different city and individuals with a different nationality. The Dutch Method is targeting mainly people in Germany and Holland. The promotional video and all of its content is in German and Dutch using native speakers of both languages.

What You Need To Know About The Swiss Method

To start with one of the leading reasons why you should avoid these types of binary options trading services is because they are usually a part of a much larger network. The network of fraud and scam sites span close to a dozen different sites that we know of all of which have the same look and feel. Plus, all the websites use the same actors.

Dutch and Swiss Method Creators

Somehow the creators of both the Dutch Method and the Swiss Method look the same, despite having different names

Around six months back we saw the Aussie method, which was followed by Brit and then Canuck method. Others like Toronto, Irish, Sydney, London, etc. also popped up. Now there is the Swiss and the Dutch who are being targeted. All of these as we suspect have been created by one fraud organization. Go ahead and take a look at our other reviews to know what similarities exist between all of the scams.

Debunking the trading system is very easy because there is nothing to it! The domains used like or are, all the same, to say the least. The sales oriented video uses fake actors which we suspect have been hired from places like

The narrator continues to show false evidence and credentials over and over again. Fake broker accounts with millions of Dollars, Pounds and Euros are all proven to be fake. The demo accounts are made just to fool people with screen shots of them which we suspect uses Photoshop.

The system has not been endorsed or regulated by a third party. So, there is no way of knowing if these are in fact credible services with real data or only doctored images. The CEO’s photo is of the same stock photo model that we’ve seen with the Swiss Method. However, he was called Max Fisher on the Swiss Method page and Frits Van Dijk on the Dutch Method page. Once again we will support our statements with substantial evidence.

If you scroll any further down the page, you’ll run into the service’s social media feed via Twitter and Facebook. However, if the feeds were real, this is not how they would look. The icons would be hyperlinked to the actual respective social media page, and you’d be able to participate in discussion with the people using the system and the owners. But in this case, you can’t even click on the icons leave alone checking feeds, or discussing the method. It’s evident that these are fake!

McAfee Secure

Once again, we see the false seals of approval we are used to in these schemes

Now that we’ve debunked their social media presence let’s take a look at their live trading record. The claim is that you can see real trades execute almost every minute. Even though that’s the purpose, you are led to believe, but the fact is that the records are fake.

The records show trading on a Sunday in real time but how can it trade when markets are closed for the weekends? But that just goes to demonstrate the type of sloppy work that the scammers have used and brazenly think that nobody will spot it.

The creators behind scam trading methods are inherently lazy people because they want to make money fast. All these people are doing are creating similar-looking pages and don’t pay any attention to detail, but that’s how guys like us can spot and report a scam!

Conclusion – What We Think Of The Swiss Method

Not ReliableWe have furnished undeniable proof and exposed the lazy yet scammy schemes put up by this one organization. All the reviews of this scam network are going to be similar because they are the same scam. Our goal with these reviews is to educate people about these scams so that they can spot one instantly.

The only good news about these types of scams is the fact that they are very easy to spot. Plus, lazy developers and no attention to detail mean that knowing a little about binary options trading will save you from being scammed.

The Swiss Method is a confirmed scam. It also goes by the name of the Dutch Method. You should avoid the as well as websites as well as all other associated schemes online. If you are a new trader or are new to the Binary Options industry, you can sign-up for a free account.


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