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Sydney System logoIn the world of binary options trading, there is a great deal of competition when it comes to automated trading software applications. Auto trading bots are a popular means of trading binary options.

There are plenty of reliable trading systems that can earn a substantial profit run by honest companies and brokers. However, there are also a lot of dishonest and unreliable trading systems on the market as well. It is always wise to review a system before you invest your hard-earned money.

Sydney Systems, created by Jack Flynn, is a fully automated trading system that promises huge profits with little to no effort on behalf of the trader. So are they to be trusted, or just another sham system? Read our Sydney System review to find out the full deal.

What Is Sydney System?

Sydney System is a totally free (with the exception of trading deposits, of course) 100% fully automated binary options trading software program that promises huge returns. All you have to do is set up and account and the system will trade for you. There are no strings attached. But is this enough? Is this system reliable?

Try as we might, we could find no real proof of that anyone has actually earned a profit with Sydney System. We have seen a few biased reviews, basically, the same raving review posted on several sites, but we have seen far more complaints than praises regarding this trading system.

Users are complaining that they lost their initial investment, have been unable to withdraw their funds and did not receive a response from customer support. This does not bode well on our behalf and we cannot stand behind this system until we have seen some positive results. To this date, we have not seen any raving reviews about Sydney System and do not recommend it to our readers.

Sydney System: How Does It Work?

Just as with other binary trading software systems, you must:

  1. First create an account
  2. Register with a broker
  3. Fund your account with at least $250
  4. Then you can choose your trading settings and set the system to autopilot and allow it to trade on your behalf

Sydney System supposedly analyses market trends and predicts winning trades on behalf of the trader. Again, we need to remind you that we have yet to see proof that traders are actually even breaking even, yet alone profiting with Sydney System.

Other drawbacks of the software:

  • You do not have the option of choosing your own broker
  • You are forced to sign with a broker of their choice
  • The majority of their brokers are not regulated
  • We also found numerous online complaints about their customer service department and their withdrawal process

The homepage video makes promises of helping you earn lots of money trading with the Sydney System software. And it even includes the typical marketing scenario of the dropout in school making it big using their system, like a Bill Gates of the trading world.

But then it switches the amount from hundreds of dollars per day to making tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands and then millions of dollars which is not only confusing but dishonest.

These over-the-top claims represent one of the main red flags that immediately caught our attention and showed that this system isn’t worth any money in which to invest. They play to people’s emotions and greed, just like any other fraudulent product.

It doesn’t help that the video has the dubious name of “Aussie Clone Rev” either. That name indicates that the Sydney System is a revamped version of the another scam, the Aussie Method, now made to look all shiny and new to fool a new crop of traders.

Ridiculous Success Promises

A ridiculous promise from the creators of Sydney System

In addition, the people behind this site don’t provide any information about the software that helps you make a more informed decision. Instead, they designed that promo video to pressure you into signing up without thinking it through first. The creators, Robert Hockton and Jack Flynn, don’t even reveal how the software achieves its stated 90% win ratio anywhere on the site.

When you visit the Frequently Asked Questions section, all you get is generic information. So you get no idea of how the software works. But you get directed to register an account with the automated trading robot in addition to a broker of their choosing with a deposit of $250.

Moving further down the page, it says you have to download this software to your computer. This might confuse you since they also state that their system, as a web-based application, can work on Macs, PCs and mobile devices.

Some clarity on this issue would provide a more trustworthy feel, however minuscule, to their entire operation because if they can’t get the simple things right then you can’t really trust them to deal with more complex issues either (especially after you’ve parted ways with your money at their request).

Australian Dollar Currency StockIt helps make their 24/7 customer service seem like a useless exercise. Once they have your money, they feel they can ignore your questions or complaints. And even if they do get back to you, the response may not be good enough and you’ll realize you’ve become a victim of this scam.

So this system has nothing new or genuine to offer. You get no technical and fundamental analysis tools, charting software, or even news about the market. Instead, this automated robot will execute random trades on your behalf and more than likely choose positions that’ll drain your account of money.

You’d make more headway choosing a professional, proven trading company so you can profit and add to your kid’s college tuition or your retirement fund. With fraudulent companies like this, you’d only be throwing that money away.

Sydney System Fake Reviews Exposed

When you go onto the Sydney System website, all the testimonials posted are fake. The reviewers giving them sell their services as testimonial givers. So the creator of the app paid these reviewers to lie to potential customers.

You’ll often find these reviewers giving testimonials for other fraudulent systems, like the one woman claiming to make thousands of dollars trading with the Sydney System software. She also “reviewed” the Samaritan system. You can see her on the image to the right.Promotional Video Fake Reviews

In addition, random faces show up every time you go back to or refresh the Sydney System site. Those faces represent photos of fake profiles from another scam company that creates fake profiles for use online. Scammers have depended on that system for years to manipulate the unsuspecting.

And the rest of the page contains actors from Fiverr willing to give anyone a testimonial for a price and fake feeds with get-rich-quick quotes that showcase the hallmarks of a scam company.

Not to mention that Robert Hockton and company are false as well. The image of the family at an airport next to the vehicle is supposedly him and his family. But the company paid those pictured people to pretend to be the Hockton family. So you get presented fake photos of him and his family because they don’t want to expose the real family behind this scam.

Screenshot of the Software

Binary Robot Webpage Screenshot

While the webpage looks good, it’s certainly a sham

Conclusion: Is Sydney System a Scam?

Not Reliable

We have no definite proof that this system is, in fact, a total scam, but we do not find Sydney System to be one bit reliable. We do not recommend this trading software to our readers and advise that you opt for a more reliable trading system. There are plenty of other dependable trading systems that yield positive results so we stress that you should not sign with Sydney System.


  • Professional website
  • Fully automated trading system


  • Brokers are not regulated
  • Traders cannot choose their own broker
  • Unprofessional customer service
  • No proof of winnings
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7 Binary Options review: Sydney System: 1 star.

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  1. George   •  

    Additionally, the $250 that you deposit to open your account is $US250 which is considerably more when converted to $Aust depending on the prevailing exchange rate. As one who has tried a similar Binary Trading Platform, take it as rote, you WILL lose your $250 but it will be offered to you that if you make a further $US deposit your loss will be matched by the company. Don’t waste you $250 out on Winks the next time it runs at Flemington. You won’t make much backing Winks but you will win. With this Binary Options SCAM you won’t.

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