Tauribot LogotypeTauribot was allegedly created by a Dr. Steven Archer, Phd, a professor at the Economics department of Chicago University.

Dr. Archer and his team at the university were looking to create an automated binary trading app, but were unsuccessful at first.

The missing piece came in the form of a 15 year old autistic boy named Ian Tauraski. Ian managed to solve the infamous Tauri equation, and its solution enabled the team to complete the Tauribot, which has a 92% success rate. Of course, Dr. Archer needs 100 beta testers before he’s confident in releasing his system onto the market.

So is Tauribot a mathematically sound robot or just another generic auto-trading robot with fake advertising?

See our answer below!

What is Tauribot?

As you can probably guess, the answer is the latter. Tauribot is just a generic auto-trader with a fictitious backstory and false advertising.

First, there is no such institution as ‘Chicago University’, which is just a rip-off of the famous University of Chicago, likely to avoid any legal issues. Note the clever use of a similar font and logo to confuse less knowledgeable users.

Chicago U Logos

Steven Archer Stock

Does that mean Dr. Steven Archer doesn’t exist? The answer is yes:

  1. Unfortunately since there is no ‘Chicago University’ there is no Dr. Steven Archer, who is just a lowly paid actor.
  2. What about Ian Tauraski and the Tauri equation? Also made up, and a quick Google search will show you that there is no such thing as the Tauri equation.
  3. As for the ‘autistic genius’ angle, that’s a Hollywood movie trope that has been used in many movies such as Rain Man and Mercury Rising.
  4. Listen, no legitimate robot will give you a 92% success ratio; it is simply not possible. That alone should have tipped you off as to how bogus this whole thing is.

To summarize this section, the entire backstory behind Tauribot is fake and so are its profit claims.

How Does It Work?

As we have said before, all of these binary options robots are just after the affiliate marketing dollar.

Their business model is to find an unscrupulous partner broker and then become their affiliate.

This means that when a person signs up with the broker and funds a trading account with the partner broker, the robot’s creator gets a cut.

Tauribot Promise

Essentially, these robots are just phony advertisements for the broker. That’s why they’re always offered for free, by the way. That’s not to say the robot doesn’t exist, it is a legitimate auto-trading software, only don’t expect it to perform anywhere near what the robot claims.

Binary Options Clip ArtsIn fact, the auto-trading software used for Tauribot is likely the same one used in other binary robots, such as the Power Profit Formula, Binary Freedom Formula, Medallion App, CitidelLTD, and Virtnext.

Tauribot is also one of Michael Freeman’s products:

  • If you don’t know who Michael Freeman is, he is a notorious binary options affiliate marketer who has numerous binary options robots to his name.
  • In addition to creating these robots, he also has a whole network of review sites, which basically promote his robots and denigrate the competitors.
  • This means that if you do a Google search for ‘Tauribot reviews’ and see a site touting Tauribot as safe and legitimate, there is a good chance that it is a biased review site run by Michael Freeman himself.

Think of it as a way for you to learn which review sites are legitimate and which are biased. FYI, CitidelLTD and Virtnext are also Michael Freeman products.

Tauribot Contact Requests

Once you fill in the fields in on this kind of website, you will always be bombarded by tons of Spam and emails asking you to hurry up and sign up

Buy Clip Art DollarAlso, keep in mind that a review site not run by Michael Freeman may also decide to give Tauribot a positive review simply to get affiliate commissions.

That’s right, these robots, which earn money through affiliate commissions from binary brokers also pay out affiliate commissions of their own too, typically using the Clicksure network.

Here’s a good check; if you see a review site linking to the robot’s website and the link address looks like this xxx.xxxx.cpa.clicksure.com, then you know that review site is not to be trusted.

In any case, Tauribot is currently defunct. However, the generic auto-trading software that it uses is probably being replicated by many other robots as we speak.


Not Reliable

Tauribot is just another Michael Freeman product: a generic auto-trading robot backed by fictitious advertising and being touted on various biased review sites.

Avoid this robot and all other Michael Freeman products and learn how to properly trade instead.


  • Nill


  • Another Michael Freeman product
  • False backstory
  • Fake profit claims
  • Promoted by biased review sites
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7 Binary Options review: Tauribot: 1 stars.
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