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TeraappCan you actually make money with the Tera App or is it just like all the other fraudulent programs out there? The Tera App website claims you can make $20,000 every day using their system that trades faster than the fastest cable data transfer on Wall Street. But when you dig underneath the surface, you realize that it’s just a recycled version of Terabit Trader, a previous scam where investors lost tons of money. Read on to get the behind-the-scenes scoop on this automated binary options trading robot.

Richard Heffner – The Face In Front of Tera App

Richard Heffner - The Face In Front of Tera App

Richard Heffner – The Face In Front of Tera App

A guy named Richard Heffner presents himself as the founder and CEO of the program. However, if you’ve been around long enough and have seen enough of these types of programs come and go, you might sense something familiar. Upon further investigation, we’ve discovered that the man calling himself Richard Heffner features in several other promo videos as the founder and CEO of other websites.

In fact, digging deep enough, we realized that Richard Heffner might not be the actual guy’s name. He presents himself as a different person in various fraudulent programs like :

  • GPS Trader App,
  • Safeguard Trader
  • Aforementioned Terabit Trader
  • Terabit Trader

…even the video for Tera App has the Terabit Trader logo present.

So the face of the Tera App looks like merely an actor paid by to cover for the people truly behind the company. The use of paid actors is a favorite choice for scam artists to mislead uninformed people in an attempt to persuade them to join the con and part with their money. No credible program would try to hoodwink people like this. So already we’re starting off with a doozy of a lie.

Afterward, it didn’t surprise us to come across other lies, half-truths, and distortions. Nor did we express surprise at the exaggerated financial claims, false reviews, and stolen images designed to convey a sense of honesty in the company.

Screenshot of the sign up ad:

Tera-App Review

How Does Tera App Work?

How Does Tera App Work“Mr. Heffner” indicates in the sales homepage video that the Tera App software works lightning quick to give traders accurate and risk-free signals to execute. He says it uses optical transmission technology (ODT 1 and ODT 2) to transfer information at nearly the speed of light, faster than Wall Street’s own cable data transfer. This makes it sound like traders get these signals faster than the markets do! And you’ll potentially make more money thanks to the quickness of the transfer.

Suffice it to say, we couldn’t find any data or proof to back it up. Faster data cannot guarantee you profits. And yet many scam websites make this claim. They do so to aim it at traders new to binary options. New traders often don’t come immediately equipped to understand the lingo as the video goes on to discuss fiber optics and broker terminals on Wall Street.

Nor do they necessarily know that this a big dog-and-pony show designed specifically to trick them. So the information in the marketing video doesn’t give out any useful information, making for a total lack of transparency on the part of the true people behind the automated trading robot.

The website almost claims 93% accuracy for traders using their signals. “Heffner” indicates that the math algorithm supposedly providing that high of a success rate has created 27 millionaires amongst their traders in just three months time. And Tera App also displays claims of their members earning over $800 every hour (translating to over $400,000 every month)!

Tera App ScamYou’re not likely to earn that kind of money, regardless of the system, unless you deposit a huge amount of money into your account or build up large a reserve of cash in the account through trading (which will take you way longer than mere months).

Yet again, however, no one provides any proof to substantiate these financial statements. In fact, the website contradicts itself. The disclaimer page disputes the information you find on the home page by dismissing their own claims and going on to say that results may have been overstated for impact…aka designed to fool you. They want to get you excited and pumped up by pumping up the type of numbers you an expect to get from trading binary options.

If they willingly obfuscate the truth on that matter and contradict themselves in the process, what other information may prove half-truth or completely false? How can you even trust that customer testimonials for this software come from real people who’ve actually succeeded using it? Speaking of…

Are Those Tera App Reviews Fake?

On the software’s website, you’ll find a continuous scroll of testimonials from customers who say they’ve made money with the system. They show the same photos at regular intervals but don’t provide any proof of their income claims either. You don’t get to see their live results either.

Some type of proof proves essential if you want to know that you’re dealing with a credible company, especially given the type of hard-to-believe results these people say they’ve achieved. For all we know, the people in these photos might be actors as well. This is another sign of a false system using fake results in their marketing.

Screesnhot of the $440,000 every single month ad:

Tera App Reviews

Something Else Peculiar About the Tera App Site

The site has a few frequently asked questions at the bottom. While you’re supposed to be on the Tera app website and thinking about purchasing access to that system, this section has a couple of questions that mention something called Wonder Clicks app.

It shows that this is a copy-and-paste job. Whoever was responsible for the content of the homepage just copied from some place else and inserted content without bothering to change the name of the software. That’s an amateurish mistake and one that should send up a red flag because it’s also a scam signal. If they’re that careless when it comes to something too obvious and easily rectified, how careless might they prove to be when it comes to your trading account if you sign up through them?

Perhaps they think most people won’t bother to scroll down and read through the bottom of the page because they’ve done such a marketing job on you that you’ll want to sign up right away before you finish reading the page. But you don’t want a company that careless to have anything to do with any part of your financial matters.

Here are the “Members” fo the Tera App

Tera-App-Online Results

The Old “Limited Spots” Marketing Ploy

Limited Spots Tera AppThe website and the promotional video indicate a limited number of spots available while registration still remains open. Once these spots are filled, then the program closes for good. This marketing tactic has been around for years, both in and out of the binary options trading industry. Displaying such a small number of spots left is meant to push you towards making an immediate purchase in the hopes that you won’t lose out. The scammers falsely increase the pressure and hope you won’t don’t take the time to visit other websites for honest opinions about the program.

Don’t believe the claim. We guarantee that 99 times out of 100, you can revisit that site tomorrow or next week and it’ll display the exact same number of spots open. So take the time to do you diligent research before committing yourself, your time, and your money into a particular automated trading service.

Registering On the Tera App Website

Registering On the Tera App WebsiteWhat actually happens when you register for the Tera App system? After submitting your name and email address, you get redirected to another video on the member’s page. There, you’ll need to set up a trading account with their chosen binary options broker.

This immediately raises a red flag because the video doesn’t give you the name of the broker. So you can’t verify beforehand whether or not you should trust them with your money. You must be able to research any potential broker you do business with before depositing money with them because too many unregulated binary options brokers have poisoned the well by refusing payouts or having terms too stringent fulfill in case you want your money back.

Our Conclusion?

Tera App ConclusionSo, thus far, nothing’s really looking good, is it? Binary options trading is a legitimate way to earn money and can be quite lucrative. But unfortunately, due to its status as a still-emerging market, it has invited a lot of imposters with fake products and services aimed at vulnerable new traders.

In our research for this review, we came across several aspects of the Tera App website that raised warning bells. We couldn’t verify any of the claims and our research revealed that the man in the video calling himself Richard Heffner is, in fact, a paid actor and not the real owner.

Tera App’s website offers no valuable information in terms of trade execution or their affiliation or licensing to show their legitimacy. The whole thing just looks like a promotional pitch to get people to deposit money with their binary option broker while not providing them with a reason to actually trust either. Aside from the minimum investment, we could find no positive attribute to using the software.

We give this a thumbs down. We feel this automated software doesn’t deserve any of your further attention as it’s clearly intended to help you lose money instead of making it. The people behind this website have their fingerprints in other fraudulent programs using. They offer nothing new except changes in domain names and wording while promising the same type of hard-to-believe rewards and promises, delivered by paid actors, of being able to do nothing while money pours into your account, guaranteed.

With the number of websites like this, most binary options traders would be millionaires already if these types of claims contained any truth to them. Sorry, but the real world doesn’t work that way. Anything promising you pie-in-the-sky dreams is to be avoided, for your heart and your wallet’s sake. We simply can’t recommend this program. Avoid at all costs and rely instead on good, reputable tools and brokers with a proven track record.


  • 100% Automated Software


  • Too many promises with too little results
  • No technological analysis tools available to traders
  • Many negative review by other traders
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