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On this page you’ll find information regarding our terms and conditions. These outline the responsibilities and rights of anyone who visits our site. They form a legal agreement between you, the user of our site, and the company that operates this site.

It is advised that you read through these terms and conditions as they may affect your rights. Whenever you visit our site, it is assumed that you have read through the full terms and conditions and accept them.

In the terms and conditions, the term ‘user’ refers to any third-party that access the site. A third-party is anyone who is not associated with us in any way.

You must be 18 or older to access this site and use its information. By using the site and agreeing to these terms and conditions, you are confirming that you are 18 or older.

Intellectual Property

All of the content presented on the site is owned by us. The only information that does not belong to us is comments that have been uploaded by users. The term ‘content’ refers to all types of text, graphics, videos, software, data compilations and any other sort of information that’s put on the site for the benefit of its users.

If you continue to use our site, you are confirming that the content supplied to the site is protected by copyright and other types of intellectual property rights. Users do not have permission to directly copy any form of content on the site without the express permission.

You may use information on our site for personal use. You are allowed to copy and print our content, so long as it is not to be used for commercial purposes.

Prohibited Use

You are not allowed to use our site if you intend to damage it in any way or disrupt other users’ experiences with the site. The following are prohibited: acting in an unlawful, harmful, abusive, threatening or illegal way to any other users or us. Also prohibited is the act of making copies of our content for commercial purposes.

Third-Party Links

We may provide links to third-party sites. These sites are not operated by us. The content on these sites was not created by us and is not a reflection of what 7Brokers is about. We cannot be responsible for anything that happens on a third-party site. Just because we link to another site, does not mean we actively endorse or approve of the content that you may find there.

Privacy Policy

If you decide to use this site, you also agree to our privacy policy, which outlines what data we collect and how we protect it. To view it, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on Privacy Policy.

Availability and Disclaimers

We are not obliged to update the site, though we continue to do so regularly. All information, tools and other features available on our site are not protected by warranties. We cannot guarantee that the information, tools and other features will be free from faults or defects. Nor can we guarantee that the information will be fully accurate and guaranteed to result in a user’s success at trading.

While we take care to ensure users’ safety and security, we cannot guarantee that users will be completely safe when visiting our site. Therefore, should you decide to visit our site, you accept that there is some risk of viruses or other kinds of malware affecting you. Whether you use our site or not, you are responsible for your own security.

We cannot accept liability if the site should become unavailable for any reason and for any amount of time. We have the right to modify, suspend or discontinue any part of our site, or even the site as a whole. This includes both written text and other features. The current terms and conditions continue to apply if any part of the site gets modified, suspended or discontinued.

Liability Limitation

There is nothing in these terms and conditions that limits or removes anyone’s liability for things such as personal injury or death, or any kind of fraud. This covers both you the user and us, the site owners. All liabilities to do with the site are dealt with in a way that is fully legal and in accordance with the law.

We shall assume no liability for any of the following: personal or business losses (including reduction or complete loss of profits, revenue, income, contracts, business or any other kinds of commercial opportunities); the loss of any kind of data, or the corruption of any data; any other thing that is lost or damaged in any kind of way.

General Points

We may update these terms and conditions regularly. If we update them, the new revised version will be published with the correct date. We suggest checking the terms and conditions from time to time to see if there’s a new version that’s been published.

These terms and conditions, along with our privacy policy, form the complete agreement between us and you, a user of our site. They overrule any other agreements or discussions made regarding the site.

If it is found that any part of these terms and conditions is illegal or unenforceable, that part may have to be modified or deleted. Other terms and conditions still apply and are not affected.

Affiliate Policy

An affiliate program is where one company (A) providers links to another company (B) on its site. If someone visits site A and click on the link to site B, the owners of site B pay a small commission to site A. If you would like to get involved with an affiliate program, scroll to the bottom of the page and click on Affiliates. This takes you to the site’s affiliate program page, where you can find full information about using the program. If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to get in touch.

Last updated on 10.1.2022

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