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The Money Glitch is a new binary options automated trading system that claims to be able to make its users $2,000 in just a few hours. Is this realistic? Read our full review below!

The Money Glitch is a system allegedly created by Dave Matthews and presented by Selena Fairbrother who used it to turn $5 into over $500k. The system exploits an unidentified glitch in the financial system that allows users of said system to make thousands of dollars within a few hours and an eventual millionaire. They are currently looking for 20 beta testers to gather more data before releasing the software to the market at $50,000 per license. You can view the entire story in their absurdly long 24 minute promotional video here.

So is the Money Glitch as good as it claims or is it too good to be true? Read on!

Basic information:

Cost: Free
Software: 100% Automated
Max Returns: Up to 90%
Minimum Deposit: $200
Countries: All nations


  • Free


  • Fake claims and testimonials
  • No real information at all provided

7BO Verdict:

Not Reliable

Not Reliable Service


What is The Money Glitch Robot?

As to be expected, the Money Glitch robot is nothing but a scam. If you watch the video, you see ‘Selena Fairbrother’, which sounds like a name from a pulp medieval fantasy novel, approach a group of four strangers in a coffee shop for the iPhone challenge, which involves her offering the group a free iPhone each if they don’t make $2,000 in under an hour using her software. Needless to say, because they are all actors and this is all fake, they all make over $2,000 within the hour. And of course, Selena graciously lets them keep the money.

The Money Glitch Robot

Figure 1: Frankly, we were getting a little bored of these scammers always using old men in their videos

Unfortunately we were unable to track down the actress playing Selena, although she is obviously British, as are the other actors in the video which is a welcome change from all the other scam videos shot in Portland, Oregon. However, we have noticed a trend of some of the newer scam videos being shot in London so we expect to see more London locations in the future.

We won’t even go into how the software actually performs because none of this is explained other than the ‘fact’ that it takes advantage of some sort of glitch that the software’s creator Dave Matthews found. And speaking of the creator, the scammers didn’t even bother to hire an actor to play Dave Matthews and instead all we get is a lame stock photo that has been used in numerous other sites instead. Also, we wonder whether any of the scammers were fans of the music artiste Dave Matthews?

How Does It Work?

To understand why these scam robots are almost always offered for free (please disregard the $50,000 per license full version of the Money Glitch software robot, that is obviously a bogus claim and it also makes absolutely no sense to sell something that can make you a millionaire for $50,000) you must first understand the binary options business model. Because the majority of binary options brokers are unregulated, almost anyone can set one up and thus competition is intense. In order to attract customers, most brokers offer affiliate programs and these affiliates receive a significant percentage of the initial deposit amounts of the customers that sign up through these affiliates. The most common strategy of binary options affiliate marketers are setting up review sites, which is a legitimate way of promotion as it conveys useful information as well.

On the darker side of the affiliate marketing model, we have these binary options scam robots. They try to lure as many people in as possible with fantastic claims and no upfront costs and when a customer makes a deposit with the robot’s partner broker, that’s how the scammers receive their affiliate commission. And since the robot is free, there will be no recourse available to the customer when the robot doesn’t perform as advertised.

In our case, we were unable to be redirected to a broker when using the Money Glitch website; this is of no surprise to us as these scammers never keep a scam robot up and running for very long as they get exposed too quickly.


Not Reliable

The only glitch that is found in the Money Glitch is a glitch in the critical thinking skills of anyone foolish enough to fall for their absurd shtick. Don’t be fooled by Selena’s pretty face; it’s all just another scam. Definitely give this one a miss.


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7 Binary Options review: The Money Glitch Robot: 1 stars.

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