The Simplest Way to Algorithm Trading

Binary options became mainstream thanks to the world wide web when the possibility to join the market opened up to all individuals with an Internet connection, and when it ceased to be the market exclusively for large companies. The market has rapidly grown in the last seven years.  Along the digital revolution, many sophisticated tools were developed that can be used in online trading, and one of the best known are tools for automated trading. Automated trading raised a lot of controversies in the course of the past years since the performance of automated tools is still being questioned, even if they are an integral part of options trading.

Mass Access to the Binary Options Market

Market analysis is key if one wants to be a successful options traders, and today’s technological advances led to the development of very detailed tools which can help traders in technical analyses of the market and facilitate some aspects of trading. These tools also attracted many new customers and users, since they also offer real-time assistance.

In reading price movements, traders often rely on price predictions by reading the charts and decoding indicator signals. The automated trading revolution has resulted in dreams of passive trading which generate in incomes that can tremendously change the account balance of traders. What strategies to apply to earn high incomes from trading and how to incorporate automated trading tools in the process in order to achieve optimal results are some of the major concerns of options traders.

Where Does the Idea of Binary Options Robots Come From?

Binary options traders have been advised for a very long time to develop a strategy and stick to it no matter what since it is the only guarantee to earn some profit via trades. Consistency and discipline are written in capital letters in all guidelines for options trading and that approach resulted in automated trading ideas and subsequently,  the development of options robots.

Expert Advisors or Binary Options Robots

Robots consist of a set of algorithmic calculations and trading strategies, software which can either carry out your trades independently based on calculations or just take on an advisory role giving hints to you what to do. You can simply activate the robot that will automatically close and open positions according to pre-set parameters, and you are free to go leaving the robot to trade on its own. Your presence is not required, and you can freely enjoy other activities while the robot does its part.

There are several reasons which make the robots so popular among traders, and they are:

–    The robots are programmed to opt for favorable market conditions and trades that have the best odds among numerous assets

–    Robots are accurate, and they react swiftly to every market fluctuations, which could slip to the human eye

–    Lack of human emotions whereby human errors due to stress, excitement, fear, and anger are avoided and lead to better and more stable results

–    Robots were tested in the real market and on historic data on each financial asset  and are based on expert knowledge, what makes them reliable predictors

–    The robots also come with self-assessment options and may assume the role of your money manager giving you clear data on how much was spent, earned, etc.

–    Robots are linked to the trade server enabling a secure trading environment that relies on the best-rated cyber protection technology

–    Robots cannot get tired; they can place and execute trades all day and all night without being affected by any kind of external factors

Opt For a Robot

Binary options robots trade on the basis of three key factors: capital management, risk management, and trading strategy. Some robots can be bought independently and integrated into your trading platform, while others are already a part of the trading platform.

You may select financial assets yourself and then activate the robot to place the trades according to its own strategy. Pay attention to the robot configuration, since the robot’s activity depends on how you set the customizable settings. A good binary options robot might not guarantee a 100% success every time, but in the long run, you should have more winning than losing trades behind.

Binary options robots are not immediately recommended to newcomers since they really should first get used to manual trading before they entrust their robot with the task. Newcomers lack the experience to understand how the robot works, so they have to gradually discover the good and bad sides of the robots in order to be able to use them efficiently. Experienced traders are the target group for automated trading; as well as true binary options professionals who invest significant amounts in their trades and need help from the side when they lack time to trade themselves.

The bottom line is that options robots should be only used when traders understand the robot’s capabilities, limits, and how they work in general. Until then, it is better to rely on manual trading.

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