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UPDATE (29.01.2017):

We have found out that TopOption has shut down their operations.

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Old Review:

TopOption DemoThere are some binary options brokers out there that are a part of something bigger when it comes to an overall business that specializes in financial markets. That can be said for TopOption which is a branch of a bigger company known as This gives TopOption a huge advantage because they glean a great deal of market knowledge from their parent company and in turn put that to good use on their website. This makes TopOption one of the most well connected brokers in the binary options marketplace.

Their parent company has a well-earned reputation as having one of the best economic and financial market analyst teams in the country. At times the company’s chief analyst can even be seen giving his opinion on such popular TV shows as the Bloomberg Report. It’s no wonder that TopOption has become so popular over the last few years for binary options investors to sign up and trade with.

Top Option has a simple account page setup that is part of an all-around easy to use web platform. They even assign account managers to assist you and the amount of that assistance depends upon what level account holder you are. They are three account levels that you can be assigned to on TopOption; they are the Starter Account, the Pro Account and the VIP Account. The more experienced account managers will usually work with the higher level account traders.

These account managers will give you all the help you need with your account and this part of the service is 100% free. For the higher level accounts they will even supply trading tips and also make themselves available for extended hours. It is a great bonus for anyone that trades with TopOption to be able to receive this expert trading advice at no additional charge.

TopOption Demo Account

If you are new to binary options trading or an experienced trader that feels they still have a lot to learn, then TopOption has the perfect learning tool for you; it is there totally free demo account. Most inexperienced traders are a little bit nervous about risking their hard earned money on something they do not yet consider themselves proficient at and that is where a demo account comes into play.

The demo account is an account that you do not trade with real money, but it still helps you to learn the TopOption web platform and also helps you to improve your binary option trading skills without risking a single dime of your own money. How does the demo account work? It does its job by closely mimicking the real TopOption web trading platform; call it a binary options trading simulator if you will.

The demo account becomes available after a user signs up for the website and makes their initial deposit. Sign up is easy and takes just a few minutes to complete. You will just have to fill out a questionnaire, provide some scanned copies of a government issued ID to verify your identity and then make at least the minimum deposit. Once that is done you just select the demo account tab and one will automatically be created for you. Discuss this with your account manager if you have any problems.

As was stated,using the demo platform has many advantages and the biggest of them is learning the TopOption platform without risking any real money. Any level trader will also be able to do such things as improve their binary options trading skills, learn a variety of trading modes and enhance their fundamental analysis skills. You will also see first-hand how the TopOption trading system can get you at or near the 80% return on investment that many users enjoy. With the demo account you will still have access to the many binary options learning tools that TopOption has available also.

TopOption Trading Platform Review

One of the nice things about the TopOption trading platform is that you do not have to download any software in order to be able to use it and it does not take up any of your valuable computer storage or stress its resources. Both the mobile and web trading platforms are easily accessed through an internet connection. It’s one of the reasons why setting up to trade with TopOption goes quickly and smoothly. You can access the site anywhere with your login that you are able to connect with the internet.

The site has been designed by TopOption’s experienced staff to accelerate the binary options learning curve for both novice and veteran traders. This is helped along by them designing a web platform that is very easy to use and understand; because of this it also makes trading with TopOption a much more enjoyable experience than with some other binary options brokers.

Before going to the trading platform and making trades for real, it is highly recommended that every user spend a few minutes looking around theTopOption Academy section. Here you can see if any of their helpful trading webinars, eBooks, informational video tutorials or one-on-one training will benefit you in any way before you start placing trades. Users of every experience level will find something in these learning materials that will enhance their chances of successfully trading binary options on a routine basis.

Placing Trades on TopOption

Like any other binary options trading sites, on TopOption you simply have to choose an asset and then pick whether its price will trend up or down at the chosen expiration date. These types of trades can be done by using both the regular and mobile trading platforms that TopOption offers.

Mobile Trading on TopOption

Nothing has made it easier and more convenient for binary options investors to trade than the addition to mobile trading access; the savvy site overseeing team at TopOption was quick to realize this and get a mobile trading app added to their site in short order. It is available to download on such devices as smart phones and smart tablets.

The mobile app literally opens up a whole new world of trading to you that was once restricted to those times you were sitting in front of your computer at home or work. Now you can be placing trades as you ride the subway to work, in between breaks at your favorite sporting event or even while you are relaxing at the beach; basically anywhere you can establish an internet connection can become your binary options trading headquarters. The best thing about TopOption mobile trading is it gives you all the same benefits as the regular website.

TopOption Web Trading

This broker has done a smart thing by selecting the SpotOption software as the basis for their web trading platform. It is software that has been enhanced and perfected over the long time it has been in use on several binary options platforms; that has enabled the manufacturer to design a web platform that gets users quickly to where they need to go on the site and then once there helps them perform functions in a fast and flexible manner.

TopOption adds their ownpersonal touch also to help take the users experience to an even higher level. They offer over 180 different assets to trade on and variety of binary options to choose from to use those assets with. Among the type of options they offer are High/Low options, One Touch options, 60second options, Long Term options, Pair options, Meta Charts and the unique Option Builder. That is a lot of variety that will assure you will find one you are comfortable in trading. Adding to the trading scenario even more is the wide selection of expiry times too; you can choose between 60 second, 15 minute, 30 minute, 1 hour, 24 hour and End of Day expiration times.

The unique option builder feature was briefly mentioned; that is where you design your own option by selecting from a group of parameters. It can be a great way to build your own custom option that help keep you placing winning trades time after time. There are other unique tools on the trading platform too; these are the history graphs and in trade options such as the double up, sell, and rollover features. You can really take charge of your own trading with TopOption.

TopOption Login

Of course as with any website that handles sensitive financial transactions you will have to register in order to get a login number. This is a very simple process that only requires a few minutes to take care of. You will be asked to provide some basic information about yourself and also to provide a scanned copy of a government issued ID. Once that is done, you will have to then make at least the minimum account deposit and wait to be approved for trading. They have a lot of security measures in place to protect your sensitive financial data and that should give you a lot of peace of mind when trading with them.

There is a minimum deposit required to start trading of $100. That will entitle you to a deposit bonus and these can go up to $2500 depending upon the amount of your deposit. You can make a deposit using credit cards (Visa, Diners, MasterCard) or bank wire transfer.

TopOption Accounts

Here is a quick overview of the TopOption Account levels:


It includes deposits from $100 up to $249. There are no Fees and commissions. It includes such features as account management services, web and mobile platform access, risk management tools, a helpful E-Book learning series, access to the E-Video content, current economic news and a cashback Bonus percentage in losing months. This account is for novice binary options traders or for those who do not wish to make a bigger deposit without knowing if the will like trading with this broker or not.


It includes those deposits from $250 up to $999. It includes all the benefits that came with the standard account too. Additional benefits are receiving an advanced starting guide, 3 hours of 1-on-1 Training and a higher level of account management services. This account level is for serious binary options traders.


It includes deposits from $1000 up to $5000. It includes all the benefits that came with the Standard and Pro accounts too.In addition you will receive unlimited 1-on-1 training; elite account management services, off hour trading assistance and free SMS signals. This account is for very serious or professional binary options traders.

TopOption Minimum Trade

Not only thetrading platform gives you a lot of choices on TopOption, but the minimum and maximum investment amounts give you a lot of flexibility also. The minimum investment is a low $10 while the maximum is $4000. You can invest just a little on a high risk trade that also has a potential high return on investment or you can invest a lot on a less risky and less profitable trade. Once again you get to trade the way you want to and not the way your broker forces you to. Don’t underestimate how nice a feature this is.

In order to place a trade you will have to select the type of option you want to use, the asset to use with the option, the expiration time and the way the asset will be trending at expiration. That’s it, just 4 mouse clicks and you have successfully placed your trade. If it sounds easy it’s because it is.

One unique feature of the TopOption website is what is called Trader’s Choice. This is a quick chart that lets you see what direction that other traders thought the asset you chose will be trending at expiration. Sometimes it’s nice to know what other traders are thinking too.

Once you have placed your trade they are very easy to track on TopOption. You can even do such things as monitor your trade’s progress on a live graph. You can watch the trade unfold right before your eyes if you want to. You will have these same types of abilities with the mobile app as well.

TopOption One Touch

Here is an example of how a typical One Touch option trade will go down when using the TopOption web platform:

A one touch option means you are selecting an asset to reach a certain price point before a trade’s expiration time; the asset only has to hit the price point once and you will have a winning trade. Here is an example One Touch trade: you have decided to select an asset that is currently valued at $14.52. You select a one touch option trade where you think the price will increase up to $14.55 with an expiration time of 1 hour; the current time is 9:45am. At 10:35 am, 10 minutes before the trade expiration time the price of your asset trends upward to $14.56. That is at or above the price point and before the expiration time so you have yourself a winning One Touch option trade and the high return on investment of up to 85% that goes with that.

If you asset had gone no higher than $14.54 before the trade expired, then you would have lost the entire amount of your investment. One Touch options as you can see are very easy to understand and execute; it is a big part of the reason why they are so popular to use among traders. In all reality there really are no binary options trades that are hard to understand and follow; once you use a particular type of option several times, placing trades on that option will soon become second nature to you.

The trading platform conveniently lays everything out in front of you and gives you the choices you have to choose from with each type of binary option. There is no guesswork involved because the platform only displays valid choices to use with each binary option. For example: If you want to use a High/Low option with an end of day expiration for gold but you do not see an end of day selection to choose, that means that gold cannot be traded using that expiration time.

TopOption USA

Many traders from all over the world enjoy the benefits that trading on the TopOption website gives them; unfortunately USA traders are not among those who have the privilege to place trades with TopOption at this time. The rest of the world can still take full advantage of trading with this EU approved broker. Those US traders that are looking for a binary options broker to trade with should strongly consider a broker like Option Robot.

It is nice to see such an innovative and creative web broker out there in the binary options marketplace. The TopOption website features a nice variety of learning tools, trading tools and account levels that will satisfy both novice and veteran traders alike. It looks like it will be a website that will be around for the long run because they continually look out for the best interests of their investors and give them all that is necessary to be successful at binary options trading.

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