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UPDATE (29.01.2017):

We have found out that TopOption has shut down their operations.

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Old Review:

TopOption Minimum WithdrawalThere are few things more important on a binary option broker’s site than the banking procedures and how they handle money. After all, the whole purpose of joining a binary option broker to trade with is to deposit investment money and then hopefully grow that amount even higher. Banking is always included in the first step of the signup process too because without a deposit you can’t even get started trading. So banking is pretty important to say the least. That is why the TopOption web broker prides itself on having quality banking procedures in place

TopOption wants their many users to feel confident and secure when it comes to their banking transactions. They believe that the money in their investor’s accounts should be viewed as the investors’ property and not something that they keep control over. That is why they have made their withdrawal procedures so simple to initiate and then they process those withdrawals as quickly as possible.

Withdrawals are supposed to be happy moments for those investors who have built up there accounts enough to take some money back, not be a dreadful experience because their broker does not have its act together when it comes to their withdrawal procedures. On TopOption all you have to do to initiate a withdrawal is to go to the withdrawal button on the drop down banking menu and click on it; it will then take you to the withdrawal form and a few clicks later with the mouse your withdrawal will be initiated. It really is that simple with TopOption.

One common mistake that many binary options investors make is that they think any delays in withdrawal processing are on the broker’s part but that could not be further from the truth; most of the time a withdrawal takes is because of the worlds complicated banking procedures and those delays are on the banking method provider’s side, not the broker’s. TopOption makes every effort to see to it that the withdraw processing starts within 24 hours or less from the time it is placed. Once that procedure has been started, it is then in the receiving processors hands to finish the request from there on out.

Of all the different types of methods that TopOption allows for withdrawals (Visa, MasterCard, Bank Wire, Diners Club, WebMoney are among a few of them), TopOption has found that credit card companies are the fastest at processing withdrawals. A trader will not have an option as far as withdrawals go if the amount being withdrawn is higher than the initial deposit; in that case the trader must use a bank wire transfer as the means to take a withdrawal.

TopOption realizes that you will have questions from time to time with their banking procedures and all of their customer service personnel are well trained in this area. So if you are having problems, then give their customer service department a call, a message on live chat or send them an e-mail. You may also seek the help of your designated account manager too.

TopOption Deposit Bonus

TopOption has a very nice welcoming package that includes a bonus on your initial deposit. This can be up to a 100% bonus on the amount you deposit depending on just exactly how much your deposit is. No matter how much you deposit it entitles you to some sort of bonus even if you only make the minimum required deposit of $100. It must also be noted that no trader will receive over $5000 in bonus money either. Why are bonuses nice to have? Because they offset losses when learning a new trading platform or if you are new to binary options trading they will help you overcome rookie mistakes that cause you to lose on some trades.

The bonus breakdown on TopOption is as follows: You will get a 50% welcome bonus if you deposit between $100 – $499 and a 100% welcome bonus of you deposit $500 or more. Who doesn’t like a little free bonus money in their account from time to time? Make sure you read the following carefully because with the free bonus money comes a few stipulations too. TopOption does not believe in surprises when customers are using the website so they like to keep everything very transparent in nature.

TopOption Bonus Restrictions

TopOption, like many web brokers, has to put restrictions in place on the bonus money their traders receive upon signup; if they did not do this then traders would just signup for the website, get the deposit money in their account and then simply withdraw their deposit amount and the bonus money. That is why TopOption protects themselves by requiring that all investors trade an amount that is equal to 5 times their initial deposit and bonus before they can withdraw any bonus money. These terms do not apply to the money you deposited and you can withdraw that at any time. You also are under no obligation to accept the welcome bonus either; just simply click on the button to turn it down when it is offered.

For instance, if you deposited $500 into your account initially then you would have received a bonus of $500, you will then need to do $5,000 in trading before you are eligible to withdraw any of your bonus money. One of the reasons you may want to consider not accepting the trading bonus in the first place is because not only can you not withdraw the bonus money, but you cannot withdraw any profit at all until the minimum trading amount has been reached. They do this because it is hard to do determine what is profit and what is bonus money. Once the trading terms have been reached there are absolutely no restrictions on any profit and bonus money withdrawals.

There is also one more catch a trader that joins TopOption must be aware of. If you place a trade that is over half your account balance it will not count towards any of your minimum required trading amount for bonus withdrawals. Here is an example: You have a $940 account balance and you see a trade you really like so you execute a trade for $500; since that is over half of the amount in your trading account this will not count toward your minimum trading requirement.

TopOption is pretty fair in their trading and banking practices but they are also a business. Any accounts that remain inactive for over 90 days will be charged a $5 fee until the amount remaining in the account is gone; this is done so that inactive accounts that are never intended to be used again will eventually come off the books. You should read all the terms and conditions of this broker before you sign up and trade with them; they also do not tolerate any sort of abusive or improper investing and if caught doing this a trader will lose any bonuses their account has received and have that account suspended also.

Here is a list of countries that are not allowed to partake in any signup bonus: Afghanistan, Brazil, Bolivia, Cuba, Canada, Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, Ethiopia, Ghana, India, Iraq, Israel, Korea, Kenya, Myanmar, Malaysia, Nigeria, Puerto Rico, Pakistan, Sao Tome and Principe, Sri Lanka, Syria, Tanzania, Thailand, Turkey and the United States.

TopOption Payment Methods

It is a fact that TopOption is a committed broker who is dedicated to giving those who trade with them as good of a binary options trading experience as can be found in the online marketplace. That is why their extremely reliable and dedicated customer service team is always standing by ready to help if you should need it. They will answer your questions quickly and thoroughly so you spend more time learning binary options and trading than you do being confused about something on the site.

Another part of their commitment to those who trade with them is to offer you as many methods as possible to make deposits. They offer some of the safest and most secure payment methods that can be found for internet transactions. Among the list of ways in which you can make your deposit are Visa, MasterCard, Bank Wire transfer, Diners Club and WebMoney as we mentioned before. One of these methods will have to be selected by any user that opens an account.

Credit cards are the most popular and efficient means of depositing and withdrawing funds so keep that in mind when you are going to make your initial deposit. You can use such popular credit cards as Diners Club, MasterCard and Visa just to name a few. There is also an expedited bank wire transfer service called ‘Fast Bank Transfer’ that will process your bank wire transfers quicker and at a lower cost than your bank will do.

One of the world largest money processors, PayPal, is also coming into the fold on TopOption. Many people just feel more comfortable using this reputable service, so TopOption decided to make it available to their many traders to do such things as make deposits and withdrawals. This type of provider will most likely be able to figure out a way to speed up the deposit and withdrawal process too.

Once again you are reminded that if you are having any problems with the TopOption banking procedures to contact their customer service staff or your personal account manager for help. They are always more than happy to resolve your issues or concerns.

Regulations and Reliability

TopOption has the dubious distinction of being the very first site that was regulated by CySEC and approved for trading in the EU; that says a lot about them being a site that does everything it can to enhance its reputation. The strict guidelines of CySEC require that TopOption adheres to fair trading practices and that the needs and concerns of the users that trade on the site come first. TopOption takes a lot of pride in being able to display the much respected CySEC license symbol and will not do anything to risk losing it. Rest assured they are a site that conforms strictly to each and every CySEC requirement.

Trading Option Features

This broker is one of those binary options sites that likes to really put a personal touch on everything they do. They offer a wide variety of assets to trade such as commodities, indices, stocks and matched currency pairs; they have over 180 assets in all. They also feature many binary options to use all those assets on too; they include High/Low options, One Touch options, 60 second options, Long Term options, Pair options, Meta Charts and they even have a unique Option Builder selection. That gives the site a lot of variety and assures you that you will find one type of option that you are comfortable in trading. They also have a wide variety of expiration times to select from too; the list includes 60 second, 15 minute, 30 minute, 1 hour, 24 hour and End of Day expiration times.

That is not all you get with TopOption’s trading platform either. The classic option builder function was briefly mentioned earlier; this is when you are allowed to design your own option by selecting from different menu choices in which to customize it. It can be a sure fire way to construct the perfect option to compliment your own unique trading style andhelpsyou to keep making successful binary option trades time after time. There are even more special tools on the TopOption trading platform too; these are such things as the history graphs and modifications to existing tradessuch as doubling up, selling and rolling the trade over.

You can really do a lot of interesting things when you are placing trades with TopOption. The website has a nice blend of being progressive, innovative and creative, which means that you will be trading on a website that keeps things interesting and at the same time gives you lots of choices to help increase your chances for trading success.

TopOption Accessibility

You really can’t go wrong if you choose the TopOption site to trade on. You know you will always be using a broker that is fair, secure, regulated and puts its many customers first. You will get top notch customer support to handle any questions and concerns you have and also many learning tools will be right at your disposal. All this gives you a great chance at successfully trading binary options with them.

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