TopOption Scam & Complaints

UPDATE (29.01.2017):

We have found out that TopOption has shut down their operations.

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Old Review:

TopOption Scam & ComplaintsIn 2013 it was the first time that the TopOption binary options broker was reviewed by us and not much has changed since then; it is still a site that continues to gain new users, gets favorable reviews and has never been accused of being a part of any scams. They offer those who trade with them great baking practices that are safe and secure and a trustworthy and reliable trading platform for them to use. They also get help from their parent company and it makes a powerful one two punch when it comes to helping binary options investors trade successfully. That is the reason why Top Option’s popularity continues to grow even as we write this article.

It is a broker that has a lot of professional trading experience behind the input that goes into shaping the website. The site’s management prides themselves on being able to establish more of a personal relationship with their traders; this is evident by the way they assign individual account managers to each trader and have very few different account levels.

One good thing about TopOption is their reliability. Their customers feel protected and can rest assured that it is not a scam. It is a site that is regulated by the reputable CySEC binary options oversight committee and also backs its services up with outstanding customer support. Even a thorough internet search reveals very few negative things to say about the TopOption binary options brokerage site; that alone speaks volumes for how trustworthy the company is.

Trading Binary Options is Easy

There are a lot of things to like about the TopOption website. Their unique trading platform really makes trading easy and banking with them is straightforward and secure. The site is also easy on your computers resources because it is 100% browser based with nothing to download onto your computer. Although trading binary options is easy, making sound binary options trades based on expertise takes a long time to master. You can use TopOption’s learning tools to help you speed up the binary options learning process. Those tools will also help you learn the very important trait of doing technical analysis of financial data too.

Bridging the knowledge gap is important to successful binary options traders, especially for those who are new to trading. TopOption does a very nice job of helping you do this with their many instructional videos, informational webinars and convenient demo account.

More about Scams

You can rest assured that because we recommend TopOption that it is not a website that would even consider trying to scam investors out of money. We won’t risk our reputation and business by recommendingsites that are less than trustworthy. We also only recommend brokers that put the best interest of those who trade with them first and TopOption has proven to us that they do a very good job of that too.

Many times a site will get a reputation as a scam because a customer made a series of bad trades without having the proper knowledge to make those trades; most people naturally do not like to blame themselves when they lose money. Another reason that brokers are sometimes accused of being scammers are for things like the withdrawal fees that they charge but in truth these fees are largely dictated by what the money processor charges TopOption for the right to use them on each transaction. There truly is a lot of misinformation that is present in the binary options trading world and this lack of information is the cause of many rumors.

StepbyStep and the TopOption Affiliate Program

Another reason that there is no way that TopOption would ever be part of a scam is the fact they are part of the group. There is no way this group of successful financial companies would ever risk tarnishing their image to do something underhanded. not only supplies financial market traders with good information but there StepbyStep Services affiliate program is one of the most popular in the business.

StepbyStep services will only deal with fully regulated and certified binary options and FOREX brokers; that ensures that their reputation and standards maintain the highest level of integrity. Brokers that fall under them like TopOption know they must adhere to the high standards and lofty goals of their parent company and affiliate program coordinator. It all works well to establish a block of companies that not only are scam free but benefit from each other to produce better financial products

Just like the binary options brokers like TopOption in the group maintain high standards, so does the StepbyStep affiliate program. They have a reputation for paying a fair commission on referrals and paying those commissions on a timely basis. The system really works because the member sites form what can be considered a global shareholders network with common interests. StepbyStep brings this all together by providing the platform by which to sign up for the affiliate program, keeping accurate web data statistics and supplying its affiliates with excellent marketing products; this formula works well to keep everyone from the clients to the member sites happy. It is a system that has more than proven itself over time.

The association with StepbyStep is just another reason that keeps TopOption at the head of the binary options marketplace. Relationships like this when combined with the other features of their website just make for an overall outstanding binary options product. As StepbyStep brings on new reputable binary options brokers it only makes TopOption’s credibility and strength go that much higher. really knows how to maximize the potential of the financial market businesses that it oversees also.

TopOption offers its affiliates some of the nicest perks and most consistent payment packages there are in the industry. It is a great way for those who own a website to make some very good extra money with it. Affiliates with TopOption get access to a wide variety of helpful features that make it easy for them to boost click conversions and in turn earn high commission payments on a regular basis; these include such things as helpful SEO content, mailers (DEM), web landing pages, eye catching display banners, mobile creative works and the highly instructive and motivational affiliate education center. The learning center will not only help you as an affiliate of TopOption but it will help you gain knowledge that will work with any type of affiliate program that you choose to do. Because you are exposing a top quality binary options website in an appealing way, you are going to get a lot of conversions because of that.

TopOption’s affiliate program is also a very flexible program that rewards those affiliates who produce a high number of conversions on a regular basis. Most affiliates start out at a basic level and as their conversion numbers get bigger they will then transition to higher affiliate levels that pay them even better commissions.

TopOption affiliate benefits include:

  • A flexible and fair commission plan that makes sure it rewards affiliates for both the quality and quantity of conversions
  • Prompt and reliable payments that can be done using many various money processing types
  • Many products that will assist affiliates in making conversions
  • Some very sophisticated and optimized analysis reporting techniques to make sure affiliates get credit for all the conversions that they deserve.
  • Access to multi-lingual marketing conversion tools
  • Daily support with any help they may need any day of the year.

TopOption App

TopOption is a progressive site that always stays up date on the latest innovations to be available for binary options trading. A good example of this is the fact that they were one of the first binary options brokers to offer their investors apps with which they could do mobile trading. This opened up a whole new world for their traders because they were no longer restricted to just trading when they were sitting in front of a computer. They could now trade whenever they were using a smart device that had the app downloaded on it and if they could connect to the internet.

Now those who trade with TopOption can conveniently trade while on break from their jobs, while commuting to work on mass transit systems and even while they are at the beach. A mobile app basically opens up a whole new world of trading options to those who have it. It is a game changer for TopOption’s clients to say the least. It is just one of the many things that TopOption does to improve the trading experience of those that use them as their binary options broker.

Even though the app itself needs to be downloaded on a smart phone or a smart device, it is still a 100% web based system that works very similar to the web platform. You can do almost all of the same types of trades with the app as you could when trading with the computer. The apps are constantly being updated and improved to maintain the quality of the trading and to ensure that the trading experience with them remains positive. Updating also helps to expand the amount of smart enabled devices that can use the app too.

Many of those in the industry acknowledge that TopOption has one of the best mobile trading apps of any broker. Again the experienced traders at the parent company had a huge influence in the designing of TopOption’s app. That is one of the reasons why the app so easily passed such things as Apple Inc.’s and the Android systems rigid testing standards. It says a lot for the design and how well the app works when it passes the tests that these mobile app experts subjectit too. Those types of seals of approval will help give TopOption’s traders the confidence they need in the app to take the time to download and use it.

The mobile app is simply a must have for today’s modern binary options trader; especially since it gives them the same advantages as the PC/Mac version. You can choose from the same group of assets and the same binary options as the web browser based platform. It is no secret that many places in the world now have the technology to enable people to connect to the internet and this helps TopOption’s mobile app users to be able to trade at any time almost anywhere in the world. This gives TopOption’s traders a huge advantage over other binary option broker’s users that do not have access to mobile app technology.

TopOption Regulation

One of the reasons that TopOption is among the most respected and prominent brokers in the binary options trading business is the fact that they are a verified broker that is highly regulated. That gives those that trade with them a high degree of confidence in the fact that they are trading with a broker that is trustworthy, fair and honest; that is a lot more than can be said by many other binary options brokers.

They are one of the few web brokers that are entitled to proudly display the coveted Cyprus Securities Exchange Commission (CySEC) seal of approval. CySEC is one of the first agencies to oversee binary options trading and their reputation in the binary options trading business is one of respect and admiration. They are largely responsible for taking an unregulated industry that people did not always trust and making it into something that now instills confidence in those who want to trade binary options. TopOption knows the value of complying with CySEC’s strict rules and regulations so they continue displaying the CySEC logo on their website.

TopOption is also one of the first authorized brokers by the EU. That is another source of pride for this broker. A site will not be approved for EU trading unless they show that they are a site that has safe and secure banking practices and a fair and reliable trading platform.

What did TopOption hope to accomplish by being a fully licensed and registered online binary options broker? They wanted to show those that traded with them and potential investors that they were a name to be trusted in the industry. It truly reflects this broker’s commitment to their many customers and the pride they take in being among the fairest and most trustworthy brokers in the business today. They are a safe and responsible binary options broker who deserves all the credit and respect that is given to them by those that trade with them.

Another thing that gives traders a lot of confidence is the fact that their accounts are insured by them. Any amount in a user’s account is guaranteed up to the amount of $20,000. This comes out of a private fund that TopOption pays into called the Investor Compensation Fund.

It really is not hard to see why this web broker is so popular. With such things as an excellent affiliate program, being monitored to adhere to strict regulation guidelines, and featuring modern technical products such as their handy mobile trading app; it’s no wonder that this web brokers popularity keeps increasing more and more every year.

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    It closed down, so I guess it is a scam after all….

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    Well it’s so subjective…. Very difficult to know whether someone is unsatisfied because it’s a scam or simply because they lost once

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