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TradeNet LogoIf you ask any advanced Forex Trader, he or she will tell you that trading without proper training and education is the easiest way to lose your money. Online Forex trading is a risky business. Acquiring appropriate skills is, therefore, critical for successful trading.

TradeNet is one of the most reputable online day academies providing you with the opportunity to fine-tune your skills and increase your chances of trading the market profitably. The academy was founded by Meir Barak back in 2004, and it takes pride in having nurtured more than 30,000 traders from the US and around the world.

TradeNet offers a diverse library of education resources, including self-study courses, live on-site tutelage, chatrooms, and more. The brand has been in the forex education industry for 14 years, and it has become one of the formidable players in the niche. The primary focus of the brand is to teach you profitable Forex trading strategies, market reversal points, market psychology, technical analysis, risk management and how to select the right TradeNet Broker.

Some of its flagship products include the Personal Coaching program, The Market Whisper, Top Trading Course, and much more. The TradeNet Schools live trading program allows you to learn how to trade on the US stock markets by watching pros such as Meir Barak as they buy and sell live.

Programs and Fees

Joining TradeNet is free. You also get 2-weeks free access to some of their services after registering. This free trial package consists of a free Trading Book, free Trading Course, and the Trading Challenge. Besides the free offer, four training programs are offered at varying prices as follows:

1. Intro Program:

Going at $500, the Intro Program has trading skills and strategies for new traders. It gives traders access to a detailed self-study course, a fully-equipped Demo Training Account, a top trading read (Meir Barak’s The Marker Whisper), and access to a Live trading Chat Room.

The self-study course grants you access to a wide collection of trading tutorial, including interactive videos. The self-study course is individually priced at $290, and it covers a vast range of topics including:

  • The principles of day trading.
  • How to trade in fixed quantities.
  • How to analyze the stock market, and
  • Practical use of indices, prominent shares, & sectors.
  • At the end of each session, you will find practice questions that will help you evaluate your mastery of the topic.

The demo trading account simulates typical marketing conditions to give you a hands-on trading experience. It gives you access to experts on the platform as they trade in real-time. This is a great way to help beginners see how to apply the trading tricks that they have learned in the self-study course.

The demo trading account has a live chat trading room, you get to talk and learn directly from the most experienced traders on the site. The live trading room features Barak and his team’s trading sessions, real-time stock-trading charts, a list of trading moves you should avoid, and additional ideas & tips from all other members.

Different Programs

Membership to the intro program also makes you eligible for a real-trader Tradenet account with a value of up to $14000. It is only yours if the team evaluates your classroom experience and concludes that you’ve got what it takes for a successful trading future.

All in all, the Intro Program serves as a good investment for amateurs who want to kickstart their forex journey. You will receive tons of training material, not to mention that the program is covered by a 14-day money-back guarantee which adds to the credibility. But important to note, the program offers a limited access time which means that you will have to be very dedicated to take maximum advantage of its offerings. The user is granted access to the self-study course for a year, the trading chat room for one month, the trading book for two months, and the demo trading account for only two weeks.

2. Student Program:

Next up is the Student Program. It is priced at $3000, 6 times the price of the intro program. This can perhaps be explained by the fact that this program comes with weekly mentorship and the Star Trader Course. The weekly mentorship program offers one-on-one training from Barak and his team. They give you clear-cut answers to any question you might have concerning the markets.

The Star Trader course is individually priced at $1900 and aims to mold you into a professional trader. It includes 15hrs of training sessions covering topics such as the US Stock Market, fundamental analysis, market psychology, reversal patterns, trading methodology, Japanese candlesticks, and market indicators. Compared to the Self-study course in the previous program, the Star Trader Course is more advanced. It is taught in 5 consecutive days and is streamed live at 3:30 pm Eastern Time for each day.

With the Student Program membership, you also qualify for a trading account funded with $80000. The owner gets to keep 75% of the winnings so long as he/she remains within a maximum loss/drawdown of $4000.

While this program is on the pricier side, it makes a great deal when combined with the Intro Program. If you are looking for the best value for your money as a beginner, you can purchase the intro program and the Star Trader Course for $2400. Purchasing the training courses only, however, disqualifies you from the 14-day money-back guarantee.

3. Expert Program:

If you are looking for a day trading guide to take your career to the next level, this is the ideal program for you. Created with the expert trader in mind, the Expert Program comes with pretty much everything you will get in the student package plus an advanced Forex Trader course. This is a top-hierarchy trading course that teaches you how to take calculated risks on a wide range of markets by covering topics such as Forex trading basics, EU trading basics, swing trade strategies, technical analysis, advanced trading orders, as well as how to monetize market moves.

But to be completely honest, the content covered here is pretty shallow. Keeping in mind that the Star Trading Course comes with 15hrs of explainer video sessions, it is hard to vouch for this Forex Trader course which only comes with 9hrs of video content.

As with all the other previous programs, the Expert Program also makes you eligible for a funded trading account, this time with an even bigger bankroll of $160000. The lucky owner of such an account walks away with 80% of all the winnings as long as he/she remains within a maximum loss of $8000.

The Expert Program is priced at $6000.

4. Pro Program:

As the name suggests, this is as far as trading coaching goes. Going at $9000, the Pro Program includes everything in the expert program, plus the Top Trader Course. This is a highly-specialized course that covers topics such as trading small caps, trading according to game theory, momentum trading, as well as using pivot points, technical amplifiers method, scanning software, and advanced trading methods with Bollinger Bands. If you want to hop right on to this course, combining it with the intro program will give you the best deal as you will get to learn advanced tricks and also get to refresh on the basics.

To cover just about everything from all angles, we would advise you to purchase the full intro program plus the Star or Top Trader course.

Trust, Security, and Safety

Since its establishment in 2004, TradeNet has built a strong reputation for being transparent and reliable to all people. The fact that Meir Barak is a highly respected day trader & a professional author has also drawn a huge crowd to the platform. Users are especially delighted by the live chat rooms where you can interact with the mentors in real-time as well as the video testimonials of people sharing their success after subscribing to TradeNet courses.

Transparency Trading

In terms of safety, TradeNet Capital Markets Ltd, a reputable company in the industry, operates the website. All activities are subject to the law of Cyprus. The platform uses encrypted transmissions, firewalls, and authenticated systems to protect the information stored on the site. Users can, therefore, rest assured that their data is inaccessible by third parties and hackers.

Desktop and Mobile Experience

The overall experience when accessing TradeNet on the desktop platform is impressive. You can access all the essential features, including the offered programs, education, live trading room, and trading tools right from the homepage. The mobile platform is not different, either. It is sleek and fully optimized for seamless launch on mobile browsers such as Opera, Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.

TradeNet does not require any app downloads, even on mobile. This is all thanks to the HTML5 technology it runs on which is compatible with all types of mobile devices including iOS, Android, Blackberry, and Windows Phone.

Opening an Account at TradeNet

The process of opening an account at TradeNet is beyond easy. You can join the ‘Funded Accounts Educational Program’ by depositing funds using Wire Transfer, PayPal, and Credit cards. The support team will provide additional information on how to signup through The exciting thing about this platform is that you can upgrade your program at any time by contacting your Account Manager or Advisor at

Deposits and Withdrawals

TradeNet accepts some of the most convenient and reliable deposit and withdrawal methods. The most popular ones are:

  • PayPal
  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • American Express
  • Discover

The profits from the real trading accounts can only be withdrawn once every month.

Research Tools, Insights and Education

TradeNet provides advanced tools designed to help you learn how to trade stocks responsibly and successfully. You can access these tools on the homepage by clicking on the ‘Trading Tools’ section on the main bar. A drop-down menu will appear with the two main tools: Tradenet Wiki and Market Review. The Market Review tool offers the US Stock Review and the Global Markets Daily Reports.

  • US Stock Review: Offers both weekly and daily reviews of the stock market, including macro-analysis of weekly events, Breaking news, technical insights, and day trading stock picks.
  • Global Markets Daily Reports: It utilizes detailed articles to give you updates on the fluctuation of prices in the market.

Being a learning platform, the operator has provided numerous educational materials for free. Navigate to ‘Education’ section, and you will find courses ranging from Star Trader, Weekly Mentorship Session, Global Markets, Top Trader, to Personal Coaching and Trading Videos.

Additionally, you will find several trading strategies that are promoted on TradeNet platform. These include:

  • Momentum Trading – This is the guiding motto on TradeNet website. This strategy works well with different approaches such as IQ, CLP, GOOS, NFLX, DBX, PS, and many others.
  • Gap & Go – This strategy is used by skilled traders who are keen on the gaps in the markets. The plan is based on the assumption that when the stock significantly gaps down, the momentum grows stronger.
  • Consolidated Breakouts – Like the approaches above, Consolidation Breakouts is simple to apply as long as you approach it the right way. This is one of Meir’s commonly used techniques which has yielded good profits for him.

Special Features

The most important distinctive feature you will find on this platform is the TradeNet Chat Room. As you may be aware, this unique tool is essential to every trader. At TradeNet, the Chat Room is open to all people every working day from 9:30 am (NY time).

The man behind the screen is none other than Meir Barak himself and his team of analysts including Scott Malatesta, Amir Barak, Gil Paz, Michael Orevi, and Schlomo Cooper. What attracts many people to this Chat Room is that Meir shares his desktop live feeds with everyone. The only downside to this feature is that it is open to everyone (newbie and veteran traders). As such, some members tend to ask misleading/irrelevant questions.

Bottom Line

ApprovedGenerally, TradeNet is an excellent website for both budding and experienced traders. It offers detailed live streams, reading materials, and tutorial videos to help sharpen your trading skills. Moreover, the brand offers a 14-day free trial where you get to learn without purchasing any packages. TradeNet also allows you to learn from well-respected members in the trading world, including Meir Barak and others. He is a straightforward industry-giant whose beliefs are based on transparency. So, if you are looking to invest some money to improve your trading skills, TradeNet should be among the top places in your shortlist.

Is this your final decision?

We suggest you visit one of the most popular trading platforms instead!


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General Risk Warning: The financial products offered by the company carry a high level of risk and can result in the loss of all your funds. You should never invest money that you cannot afford to lose.


  • Offers a high level of transparency.
  • A trial chat room feature for new users.
  • Comprehensive and resourceful learning materials.
  • Fast loading speed across all devices.
  • A wide range of free, YouTube educational videos.
  • Accepts payments through PayPal, MasterCard, Visa, American Express and Discover


  • Relatively expensive subscription packages and chat room.
  • Buying a TradeNet education package does not guarantee access to a funded account
  • Your phone number is required to get help from live chat support.

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