UPDATE (12.08.2017):

TradEqual has shut down their operations.

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Old Review:

tradequalA binary options exchange, TradEqual is a new concept that we are expecting will be a new trend in the upcoming months. TradEqual has the distinction of being the first binary options broker that is up and running, ready to accept new customers right this moment. The platform is extremely user-friendly. Traders do not have to wait for the broker to accept the other side of the trade. The customer alone extends trading positions. Other traders who dispute their terms on the exchange can purchase the option and bet against the expected outcome.To find out more about this exciting and more just means of binary training, feel free to read our TradEqual review. TradEqual is now awaiting for the finalization of licensing and registration.

Basic information:

Online since: 2015
Jurisdiction: UK
Software: Proprietary
Max Returns: 90%
Bonus: 100%
Minimum Deposit: $250
Minimum Investment: $15
Maximum Investment: $1000
Currencies: USD, EUR, GBP
Mobile: No
Countries: All nations excl. USA


– Open Trading Platform
– Offers Proprietary software
– Demo account available
– Allow US Traders to Trade


– No customers from USA

TradEqual Special Features

Obviously, the new structure is the biggest new feature: The concept that traders can directly trade with other traders. TradEqual is an open public trading platform that enables traders to communicate with each other via online chat. TradEqual has established the framework to fully allow a straightforward exchange experience apart from the US Market. As the European system places the broker in the spotlight of the trade, TradEqual, by default, makes the trader the first priority.

Write and Sell your Own Option with TradEqual

Recently, some binary brokers and binary option robot in the industry have offered the “build your own option” feature, which is an amazing feature. However, some traders need this feature to be more reliable as the confines by the broker’s personal preferences. However, with TradEqual the trader can chose to write their option or even purchase a written option from another trade. They can also make selections from the order book.

Efficiency is guaranteed as the trade will not go through unless both sides concur on the possible outcome. This is revolutionary as it decreases the bid-ask spread while reducing the risks for both parties. It benefits the trader to take as much risk as allowable if the broker chooses to take the other option. But it must take on the same amount of risk. TradEqual allows the traders to make this decision. As no one wants to max out their risk factor, middle ground proves to be profitable for both sides of the exchange.



No trading Against the House!

TradEqual has no interest in taking, nor losing, their client’s investment as TradEqual does not directly participate in the trading process. In fact, their main objective is that their traders generate a lot of profitable trades.

TradEqual simply requires a deduction of a 2% fee from the overall winnings (investment plus return). When you think about it, this is a small fee to pay for using such an advanced platform that ultimately provides you with the chance to win money while it is earning for you. In the instance that the trade ends in a draw (same strike and closing rate), TradEqual will charge the same fee to both of the parties involved in the trade.

Once registered with TradEqual, users can utilize the demo account which contains videos as well as webinar that traders will find extremely beneficial. We always encourage users to make use of the demo account as it helps them to familiarize themselves with the platform. We are pleased to announce that the bonus can be as much as 100k. This is dependent upon the amount of the deposit.

TradEqual Trading software

As are all other current trading platforms, the TradEqual software is internet-based. It is extremely user-friendly and simple to use. The price chart is located on the right and on the left, is the list of assets. The controls are in the centers which establish a pleasing overview throughout the entire process. If the trader wishes to view the trades made thus far, they simple need to scroll down a bit if they have a smaller screen as the list is located at the bottom of the trading window. As of now, traders can participate in high/low trades only. However, there will soon be more types of trades available.

To those already acquainted with binary options trading, the platform will look familiar. It contains all of the usual functions of other popular software applications. However, in this instance, the platform is Proprietary. To initiate a trade, one would use the “Put” and “Call” buttons. If a trader is simply purchasing an option, they just need to input the amount they want to invest into the system.

How to Trade on TradEqual?

When the trader is ready to write an option, they must then select the asset, direction and amount that is to be paid out to the other participant (or the trader purchasing the option). We find this a bit overwhelming as writing an option means that you are determining your own payout rate and profit as well. In this instance, it looks opposite to that which we are usually accustomed. In the TradEqual review, we generally wrote and offered our own options as this felt like the most natural way to associate the trading process with the technical analysis. You can read more about the fundamental and technical process in our learning center.

After a trader analyzes the market, one is aware of the EURUSD increase in the following 30 minutes after administering a trend analysis, it is much easier to write this type of option by following these steps:.

Select “Call” for the upward direction

Select the payout ratio specifying the risk which you are willing to take, displayed

Confidence in your prediction

Set your own profit

Press the “Write button”

Traders will find that with TradEqual, payouts are extraordinary. With typical binary options, traders can earn up to 200%, with an upper bond of up to 700%. The best feature is that the trader who creates the option is the one who sets the risk. The buyer does not have to accept the option unless they deem the payout-risk levels as acceptable. However, TradEqual does not offer “fixed return options.” But they do offer the most unbiased and fairest way to trade on the binary options market.

TradEqual Support information

TradEqual offers exceptional customer service for its users. Traders have the choice of Live Chat, phone, Skype or email. This brilliant offering allows each and every trader to choose their preferred method of communication.

We strongly recommend Skype and LiveChat as these methods are the most convenient for those traders with a lot of questions as they will be answered quickly and efficiently.

TradEqual Banking and company information

We have also conducted testing on TradEquals banking services. They are very easy to use and utilize a very professional Algocharge platform to process customer payments.This is a plus as it is both clear and secure. It protects traders from unknown payment processing agencies that are usually traceable if something goes wrong.

TradEqual accepts the following forms of payment: Visa, MasterCarr, Maestro, Discover Card, Bank Wire, Skrill and Neteller

The minimum deposit required is $250, with a maximum of $10,000. The minimum trade for purchasing options is $30, while the minimum for writing options is $40.
Since this is not the ideal deposit/trade ratio it is better to begin with a slightly larger initial investment, especially if they are going to use the “Write” command as often as we did during our TradEqual review. Do not forget that with TradEqual, you are able to determine your own risk. The higher the minimum trade, the more potential for a higher payout.

The minimum amount required for a withdrawal is $100, which in our opinion, as a bit high. While this is not always an issue, our preference is that we have the ability to more freely adjust our liquidity. It takes three days to process the withdrawal request, which is outstanding. Traders are required to verify their account before making their initial withdrawal. This is a common procedure with which every trader in the binary options market should be acquainted.  At the current time, TradEqual is undergoing the official registration process.


TradEqual is an innovative concept, no wonder it’s catching on so quickly! Imagine an interactive site where you can communicate and trade directly with others such as yourself. The site is user-friendly and they have superior customer service and technical support. We highly recommend TradEqual for anyone who is serious about Binary Options.

Additional information

Customer Service: Live Chat / Email:
Languages: English, Spanish
Trading Options: High / Low
Early close: Yes
Expiry Times: 60 sec, 15 min, 30 min, 1 hr
Deposits and Withdrawals: Visa, Mastercard, Bank Wire, Skrill Moneybookers, Maestro, Discover Card, Neteller
Withdrawal Time: 1 – 3 day
Demo account: Yes

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