So TrendXpert, founded by Keith Wareing and Ben Newman, is a trend indicator service that provides users with trends based on select market indicators. Unlike most scam robots, they are not free and provide several account tiers. This is because TrendXpert was also a binary options education site and provides paid webinars as well.

So can it be trusted? Read our full review!

Basic information:

Cost: Free
Software: 100% Automated
Max Returns: Up to 90%
Minimum Deposit: $200
Countries: All nations



  • Demo account and real account differ
  • Numerous biased affiliate reviews

7BO Verdict:

Not Reliable

Not Reliable Service

What is TrendXpert?

You may have noticed that we used the past tense in our paragraph above and that is for a good reason – TrendXpert has been absorbed into OptionBot 3.0. Here’s the story – initially TrendXpert was a trend indicator/education center started by OptionXpert founder Keith Wareing with Ben Newman as the head trader.

However, Ben Newman has since left TrendXpert and has founded his own paid binary options education site called Bullish University. And now, if you go to OptionXpert’s website and click on the access TrendXpert link, it will bring you to the OptionBot 3.0 page.

So what’s the deal here? In actual fact OptionBot and TrendXpert were always linked as OptionBot 2.0, the previous incarnation was also started by OptionXpert. And now that TrendXpert has become defunct, they have simply absorbed it into OptionBot 3.0.

So the question now becomes – is OptionBot 3.0 legit or just another scam?

Here’s the deal, OptionBot 3.0 is not a complete scam in the sense that they do not make outrageous claims such as guaranteed profits of thousands of dollars a day, 99% win rates etc. A quick perusal of their website shows that they simply advertise OptionBot 3.0 as a simple trend indicator. It is also an auto-trader and hence like those other scam robots, you switch on auto-trading and have the robot lose all your money in a few minutes; sometimes you have to manually act on its trend indicators.  In addition, both Keith Wareing and Ben Newman are real individuals and are definitely not paid actors.

So, TrendXpert/OptionBot 3.0 might not be a total scam, but we still wouldn’t risk it.


How Does It Work?

As we mentioned, in its previous iteration, TrendXpert was a paid learning site in addition to being a trend indicator service. The paid learning site business model was adopted by Ben Newman’s spinoff; Bullish University. Currently, as TrendXpert has been absorbed into OptionBot 3.0, the business model now follows that of the other scam robots: affiliate marketing.

Now we are not saying that OptionBot 3.0 is a scam; all we are saying is that their source of income is affiliate marketing commissions, just like the other scam robots. The difference is in representation; OptionBot 3.0 does not have any bogus claims or fake actors, all it says that it provides some trends that you can choose to manually trade on if you wish.

Because of this, OptionBot 3.0 is definitely one of the most promoted robots out there. However, because OptionBot 3.0 itself has affiliates, we urge you to be cautious of so-called unbiased reviews of OptionBot 3.0; most of them are likely affiliates of OptionBot 3.0 and are thus promoting it. We advise you to carefully try out OptionBot 3.0 and evaluate it for yourself.

OptionBot 3.0 is free and they have a list of partner brokers that you can select from; most of which are CySEC regulated. Since choosing the right binary option broker is extremely important, we urge you to not take this decision lightly and learn about the respective brokers as much as possible before making your choice.

Final Conclusion: is Alive in 5 a scam?

Like many others, TrendXpert/OptionBot 3.0 is very possibly a scam. However, this does not mean that using its services will actually make you a profit or will lose your money. Use at your own risk and choose your broker wisely.

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