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Trio Profit Machine is a system that claims to be able to teach its members how to make $100 to $700 a day through Internet marketing. Is this realistic? Read our full review to find out!

Firstly, we would like to inform our readers that Trio Profit Machine has nothing to do with binary options and is actually an Internet marketing system. However, since most binary options scam robots have practically nothing to do with binary options either, as they are just affiliate marketing scams, we will review Trio Profit Machine to educate our readers on how these shady online offers work in other industries as well.

Basic information:

Cost: Free
Software: 100% Automated
Max Returns: Up to 90%
Minimum Deposit: $200
Countries: All nations


  • Real people
  • Not a scam


  • Full of upsells and affiliate offers
  • Deceptive marketing materials
  • Same information can be obtained for free elsewhere

7BO Verdict:

Not Reliable

Not Reliable Service


What is Trio Profit Machine?

Trio Profit Machine is a system created by Jani G, and the Trio refers to 3 streams of income which he calls Impulse Buyer Income (“IBI”), Download Page Income (“DPI”) and List Follow-up Income (“LFI”). According to their promotional video, which you can view here, Jani met a person named John Racine who showed him how to make a living online, and from there, they created Trio Profit Machine.

So is Trio Profit Machine a scam? Actually, Trio Profit Machine is not a scam but it is definitely a shady internet marketing system. First off, both Jani G and John Racine are real individuals, not some cheap actors like we see with binary scam robots, however their claims are disingenuous. Here is how the Trio Profit Machine website describes John.

In reality, John is an experienced Internet marketer and is the president of Empowered Marketing Solutions. The description above makes it seem like Trio Profit Machine changed John’s life from frustrated 9-to-5 worker to online entrepreneur but in reality John has been around Internet marketing for a long time and was successful years before Jani G came up with the Trio Profit Machine.

Currently, the Trio Profit Machine costs $7 to purchase and what you get for that $7 is a 52-page ebook which contains the details on the 3 income streams mentioned above. While these terms sound fanciful and new, actually the 3 income streams that Jani G teaches in the ebook are already well known concepts that have been around since the early days of Internet marketing. IBI just refers to taking advantage of people’s predisposition to make impulsive buys, particularly at a lower starting price, by using a One Time Offer (“OTO”) page. The second stream, DPI, comes from creating a download page with affiliate offers disguised as bonuses, which is kind of shady practice. The third stream, LFI, is just an opt-in page to get email leads and then pitch them with other offers later.

Trio Profit Machine

Figure 1: DPI tactic of affiliate offers disguised as bonuses

So to summarize, the Trio Profit Machine is just a OTO page, a download page, and an opt-in page. Do these sound like brand new Internet marketing concepts to you?

How Does It Work?

If you thought it strange that someone would go through all this trouble just to sell a $7 ebook, you would be right. The $7 ebook is just a OTO for Jani G and is his first stream of income. For his second stream, he constantly promotes upsells and affiliate offers within both the ebook and the download page itself. Take a look at some of them below/

Here’s one thing that Jani doesn’t mention: in order for anyone to be successful by creating a OTO page, download page, and opt-in page, he or she would have to have a source of high volume targeted Internet traffic first. Without this traffic, all these pages would be pointless. Jani does not show his members how to obtain this traffic in the first place (because let’s face it, this is the main challenge of Internet marketing) and instead uses it as an opportunity to further promote his upsell: his personal coaching course.


Not Reliable

Trio Profit Machine is not a scam; however it is a mediocre product with information that can easily be found for free elsewhere. In addition to being low quality, it is absolutely stuffed with affiliate offers and upsells. Only people who are absolutely new to Internet marketing will derive value from this product, however again those people could easily obtain that information for free elsewhere. In conclusion, people would be better served spending their $7 somewhere else.

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7 Binary Options review: Trio Profit Machine: 1 stars.

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