Is uBinary a Scam?

UPDATE (12.11.2017):

Ubinary has shut down their operations.

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Old Review:

Is uBinary a Scam? Vepatex Technology is the brand name for a company that handles payments for the Ibex Network, an affiliate network. While reviewing various online binary options brokers, binary options signals and binary option robots we have come across this company, offering its services to a god number of brokers we have included in our list of trusted brokers. One of the binary options brokers that make use of Ibex Network services is the uBinary binary options broker. For the period that this broker has been in our list of most trustworthy brokers, it has continued to offer high quality and highly profitable services for the traders using its online binary options trading platform. So far so good, we have not come across a complaint from any of the many traders using the uBinary binary options platform, regarding any of the features, tools and services the broker offers on its trading platform.

All the features of this platform that have been provided by Vepatex Technology Ibex Network have been proven to be highly satisfactory for the traders on the uBinary platform as well as for the broker. This may be the reason why the Vepatex Technology Company is associated with a number of reputable online binary options trading platforms today. The information provided online about the Vepatex Technology Company is not much. This is mainly because the services that the company offers for binary options brokers are of little or not interest to binary options traders. However, the company is associated with some of the big names in the binary options trading industry. This is to say that the Vepatex Technology Company handles backpedals for the popular and legitimate brokers in the market, such as BigOption and uBinary.

The fact that this company has been proven to offer transparent services to various online binary options platforms enhances the level of trust by traders on the brokers that are supported by the Ibex Network services, such as the uBinary broker. Having researched on this company, here is some of the facts about it that may be of interest to you as a binary options trader.

A Review of the Affiliate Program at uBinary

In addition to offering their customers a chance to trade in binary options on one of the best binary options trading platform, the uBinary binary options broker allows traders to make more money through their affiliate programs. This program is a chance for binary options traders to make a permanent income, away from trading binary options on the platform. With the current economic meltdown in various parts of the world, an increasing number of people are continually looking for ways to make more money. If you are looking for extra income, you should consider registering with the uBinary affiliate program. While there are numerous binary options affiliate programs that traders may sign up with, only a few deliver up to their promise. While reviewing the legitimate and trustworthy brokers in the binary options market, we have come across a number of affiliate programs in the industry.

Of all the affiliate programs we have come across in the binary options industry, the uBinary affiliate program is one of the best, with regards to being legitimate and giving traders an opportunity to make a lot of money continually. This is to say that the uBinary affiliate program is among the few that may be trusted in the industry.

Register for the uBinary Affiliate Program

With the uBinary affiliate program, traders are able to notch up their income using their networks, website as well as other online connections. To take advantage of this incredible opportunity, traders are required to sign up for the program, which takes about 5 minutes of your time. This way, you can make a significant increment to the amount of money you earn within a certain period. Once you have set up your uBinary affiliate account, your income will keep on pouring in every now and then.

The amount of money you are able to make with this affiliate program is actually unlimited. The income will mainly depend on the number of registered down lines you will get with this program. This is to say that the more people you successfully refer to the uBinary binary options trading website, the more money you will be able to make with the uBinary affiliate program. To make things a bit easier for the traders registering for this affiliate program, the broker offers several hybrid packages and allows their customers to choose the package they find more appropriate for their trading needs. Additionally, this affiliate program offers a number of revenue sharing options for traders using this program. One of the aspects of the affiliate program offered by uBinary that makes it unique in the market is the long list of websites, online portals and companies it offers. If you would like to learn more about this program, you just have to visit the broker website and navigate to the affiliate program page.

With the uBinary affiliate program, the amount of money you can make is unlimited and u can start making money within a very short period. Once you have understood the true potential of earning presented by this program, you can try out the various hybrid options offered by the broker.

The Login Process at uBinary

The uBinary binary options trading platform is a comparatively new broker in the binary options trading industry. However, the traders using this platform can attest to the fact that it is one of the best, with regards to offering an innovative platform, reliable and timely services as well as highly beneficial trading tools and features. As a matter of fat, the uBinary binary options trading platform is a preferred platform by thousands of traders in UK. To gain access to the trading platform at uBinary, it is a requirement by the broker that traders register for a trading account and verify their details. However, the login process thereafter is quite easy and fast.

The initial registration on the uBinary binary options trading platform required traders to enter factual details, as required by the registration form and submit it. Once you have successfully created an account with uBinary, you should send the required verification documents to the broker in order to have your name and location details verified. Failure to verify your uBinary binary options trading account will bar you from withdrawing your profits from your accounts, even if you meet all the other withdrawal terms and conditions. For the purpose of making the first investment to your trading account, you can either use wire transfer or a credit card to deposit an amount that is equal to or greater than the minimum deposit amount imposed by the broker.

The documents required by the uBinary broker, in order to verify your account, are copies of your government issued ID, copies of both sides of your credit card and a copy of a recent utility bill. Once you have carried out this one-time process, you will only be required to login to your trading account using your username and password. The minimum deposit amount required for the Standard account offered by this company is $250. A single log in to this account type offers traders an array of trading tools and features offered by the broker. Additionally, this login presents traders with educational materials and tools on the binary options trade. Again, the company will give you a bonus after you have made the initial deposit into your uBinary trading account, depending on the account type you have registered for. Regardless of the account types you have signed up for with this broker, the sign in process is the same. A single log in to this platform will present you with all the assets, trading tools, features as well as the ability to carry out various transactions on your account, such as depositing and withdrawing money.

The Trading Platform offered by uBinary

The wonderful experience offered by this binary options trading platform may be attributed to the strict code of ethics adhered to by the broker, in addition to the outstanding level of professionalism offered by the broker. The uBinary binary options platform is also easy to use, thanks to the trading software used by the platform. All the features offered by the uBinary broker on its online binary platform are aimed at making the trade more enticing and profitable for their customers, regardless of their knowledge of the trade or where they are located.

The trading platform on offer at uBinary presents trades with numerous assets to trade in. While trading in binary options, it is essential that traders have to learn how to read market trends. This way, traders can make accurate predictions in the financial market; hence make more profits while trading binary options. In this regard, the broker offers new traders an array of educative materials on how to analyse the market and read market reviews from the easy-to-read charts they have included in their binary options platform. Additionally, the uBinary broker offers a demo trading account for traders to practice opening positions on the various assets and fine-tune their binary options trading skills. Such features of the uBinary binary options platform make it a user-friendly, easy to use, reliable, and highly profitable binary options trading platform for traders from various parts of the world.

uBinary Scam

Although uBinary is a comparatively new broker in the industry, it has managed to earn the trust of many binary options traders worldwide. Being one of the most innovative and highly supportive binary options trading platforms in the market, the uBinary platform gives traders a seamless trading experience, without having to be interrupted by irritating advertisements and pop-up messages on the trading platform. Again, the platform accepts registrations by binary options traders from UK and US. When you sign up with a new binary options broker, whether you are a beginner in this field or are an experienced trader, it is imperative that you take time to understand how the broker works.

The uBinary broker has made this easier for the traders using its online binary options trading platform by offering education on binary options trading as well as demo trading accounts. After carrying out an extensive research on this broker and trading binary options on its online platform, we did not come across any complain or negative review by the thousands of traders using this platform across the globe. Again, we also noticed that the services on offer on this platform are of high quality and very reliable. The deposit and withdrawal processes supported by this platform are very secure, straightforward and comparatively fast. As such, the uBinary binary options broker is not a scam, but rather one of the leading brokers in the industry.

The trading experience offered by this broker is equally outstanding; with the option to choose any account type you prefer among the various account types offered by the broker. The customer help services offered by the uBinary broker are also impressive. Binary options traders using this online trading platform may get in touch with the customer care representatives at uBinary suing the various communications channels provided by the company. Additionally, traders can get in touch with the customer help team 24 hours in a day and 6 days a week. None of the scam brokers in this industry can offer such aspects and features. As such, the uBinary online binary options broker is clearly not a scam.


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