VirtNextAccording to creator, Vincent Bollore, VirtNext is a trading system created to make binary options trading a breeze. Apparently the system utilizes the internet and current market information to give their traders an advantage over everyone else in the binary options market.

In utilizing this software, traders are able to buy and sell a wide range of currencies and assets. According to Bollore, the system has only lost one trade over four years. Also, with 170 on staff, the system boasts of net revenue of over $650 million. We could not find any proof that any of the above claims are in fact legitimate.

Established in March of 2011, VirtNext Investment LTD claimed they generated over $304 profits for their traders. They claim their software is so simple, anyone can use it. According to Bollore, once you link your trading account to their system, you can make $2,500 in profits every day.

This is of course, what they want to believe, as they are trying to convince you to use their software. However, our investigative team conducted extensive research on this VirtNext trading software and we were not able to make nearly the amount of profits as we were promised. Try as we might, we could find no information on VirtNext Investments LTD, not even an official company website. This put some doubts about the legitimacy of this software in our minds from the start.

Basic information:

Cost: Free
Software: 100% Automated
Max Returns: Up to 93%
Minimum Deposit: $200
Countries: All nations


– Investments are flexible
– Fully automated
– User-friendly interface


– Offers very limited assets
– Reliable internet connection is needed
– Users need some basic knowledge of binary options trading in order to set up their parameters for trading

7BO Verdict:

Not Reliable


Not Reliable Service

While conducting our research of VirtNext, we discovered that they do not get high rankings on Google nor could we even obtain much information including sincere reviews online. According to Vincent Bollore, this system has a success rate of 93% in his previous beta tests, which to this day, remains unmatched. We really doubt that any system has this high level of a success rate in binary options trading. Try as we might, we could find no proof that this is a legitimate trading system nor could we find enough information to say that it is in fact a scam. We highly recommend that you find other trading systems as we cannot determine at this time if VirtNext is in fact a legitimate software program.

What is VirtNext Software?

According to Bollore, traders do not have to have a great deal of experience with binary options trading to use the VirtNext software. The system will make this process easier by providing live and accurate trading signals. Once you have downloaded their software and set it to autopilot mode, you don’t have to burden yourself with analyzing the current market trends or making trades, as the system will do all of this in your place.

It is true that the system is easy to use with little to no technical skills or knowledge about binary options trading. Once you download their software from the Virtnext site, you are apparently eligible for a trading bonus. It is important to remember that these claims are no different than any other trading software programs available at this time.

VirtNext – Vincent Bollore

Vincent Bollore is the CEO of VirtNext Investments LTD, according to the VirtNext promotional video and the website. Apparently he is a billionaire whose profile has been highlighted in Forbes. He currently resides in Paris and because of his prior knowledge of the financial market; he was able to become a billionaire thanks to binary options trading. VirtNext was launched in 2011 and has been a huge success since that time.

However, our team could not find any information to prove if any of this is actually true. For this reason, we are still doubtful about the authenticity of this binary trading software program. In our opinion, it looks as though someone else is using Vincent Bollore’s name and success to benefit for their personal gain. We advise you to either proceed with caution or opt for a more reputable trading software program.


VirtNext Review

VirtNext Complaints

During our initial investigation we found quite a few complaints regarding the VirtNext auto-trading software. Of course, the most popular complaint is while the software is supposed to be free according to Bollore, it is not as you are required to make an initial deposit once you setup your trading account with their system.

However, the catch we found is that you are not able to link your existing account to the system as promised. You are forced to sign with one of their brokers, which they do not even give you information on until you have set up your account.

Yet another complain we found in our review is that the promised success rate of 93% is totally inaccurate. There is no binary options trading software system that can guarantee this high level of a success rate. If you wish to be a success in the field of binary options trading, you must have basic knowledge of the fundamentals of binary trading. You should never depend on systems that run completely on automated software as these are not guaranteed to make accurate predictions in every trade.

Final Conclusion

Not ReliableWe feel that this Virtnext is not reliable. While we could not verify to 100% accuracy that VIrtNext is in fact a scam, we do not recommend this software system for those who are serious about binary options trading. There are plenty of other reliable and legitimate binary trading software systems available. Our honest opinion is that this system is not everything it claims to be.

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  1. Susan Jones   •  

    Hi! So many unreliable robots out there, crazy. But I had quite good experience using other autotrading tools in binary options. Still better than relying only on your intuition.

  2. Jack   •  

    Does it make a difference how much money you’ve decided to deposit on your account? Maybe with higher deposit, it’s ok?

  3. Sander   •  

    Hi guys,

    I’m a full-time affiliate marketer for more than 5 years now. I’m thinking of switching to binary options since I believe it’s more fun. I also have two questions for you. Is it fun for you to do it? Also, can it provide a decent living without a huge bankroll? I know it’s subjective and depends on many factors but I just want your personal opinions.
    If any of you could share your typical day trading, that would be ver helpful. Thanks!

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