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xl-signalsThe idea of using software on your computer or an app on your phone to place trades and make profits in Forex or on binary options is attractive to many people. This has sparked incredible growth in the numbers of binary options platforms that are available. Many are aimed at people with no trading experience and, unfortunately, many are less than honest. Where does XL Signals fit in all this? Our review has all the answers.

Basic information:

Cost: Free
Software: 100% Automated
Max Returns: Up to 100%
Minimum Deposit: $200
Countries: All nations


– Trade binary options on Forex and other markets
– Real time market data
– Unique algorithm


– Premium platform, so there is a fee to use it
– No official license
– Lack of information to properly verify its claims

7BO Verdict:

Not Reliable


Not Reliable Service

What Is XL Signals?

XL Signals is a trading platform that enables people of all abilities to place trades on Forex movements and several different binary options. Market data is displayed in real time, with the platform analysing information from a wide range of sources to come up with its binary options signals, predictions and forecasts. XL Signals says its approach to this is unique in the industry.

It also has a trading predictor designed to help you forecast the movement in price of particular assets. You can use this in a way that fits the amount of time you have to spend using the system.

How Does XL Signals Work And What Does It Cost?

XL Signals is a premium trading platform. One of the main reasons for this is it lets you use a binary options broker of your choice, instead of locking you in to one they have pre-selected like many other platforms do. The trade-off for this flexibility is the monthly subscription.

The subscriptions are tiered depending on what you want. This includes how frequently you want the system to send you signals as well as the win ratio.

Getting started is simple, and begins with the signup process. During this process you will connect XL Signals to your existing broker (if you don’t have one you will have to get one). You then select your subscription plan to start receiving signals and start trading.

Is It A Scam?

The website for XL Signals is professional and has everything you would expect from a legitimate trading platform, with one significant exception – an official license. If you have read reviews here before you will know we never recommend trading platforms unless they have a license.

Not having a license does not make it a scam, but there are simply too many platforms out their operating in a market that often appears more like the wild west than a respectable way to make investments. We know too many people and have heard too many stories from those who have put their faith – and money – into a system that looked legitimate, only to lose it all.

Let us be clear – we are not saying this is the case with XL Signals. However, we don’t have sufficient evidence to properly vouch for it. In addition, because it has no license, we have major concerns.

Conclusion – Should You Use XL Signals?

Not ReliableAt the moment we cannot recommend XL Signals for the reasons stated above. If anything changes, particularly in relation to a license for the platform, we will change our assessment. For the moment, however, we recommend you choose a different trading platform, ideally one with a properly recognised license.

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