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Zeus 2 LogotypeThe Zeus 2 is yet another introduction to the list of binary options software available to traders. That said we would like to start out by saying that Zeus 2 is, in fact, a scam. The system is run by scammers and has continued to lure people into thinking that they can trust the trading software for a long time.

Anyone who has been thinking of investing their money via this software should reconsider their options. In this article, we will reveal why Zeus 2 is, in fact, a scam. As always we will bring forth solid proof. The system claims to be efficient by sending in 100% winning signals to traders. But that’s not really the case.

As we unravel each layer of this scam, you’ll know exactly why we advise against doing business with this company. You will also be aware of the tricks they employ to lure unsuspecting and trusting traders into their financial trap!

The Fictional Story of Matthew Harrison & Zeus 2

Creator ImageWe were able to spot that the story was fake or false, to begin with especially when it was claimed that Zeus 2’s founder is a trading genius. To start with the company Zeus Trading LLC and its owner Matthew who is supposed to be behind the system was dishonest with their introduction. Matthew Harrison does not exist, and it’s a bogus fabrication.

In addition, the story of being Mr. Midas on Wall Street is another false fabrication because he is nowhere to be found in Forbes, Bloomberg, CNN, and CNBC or any other business publication. So, here is this guy with an assumed net worth of over $300 million and a successful business that nobody knows about, that’s really strange if we were to believe the story.

Our research uncovered that Zeus Trading LLC, MotoSentinel, or Zeus Investment are non-existing businesses or entities. We couldn’t find any information about these companies trading anything leave alone bare metal trading.

It strongly suggests that these are fictional companies created in the mind of this scammer and with apparently no proof. Once again it’s strange for such a big business not to be listed in business registries.

We were also shocked to see how the CEO of this large trading company knew little about trading when we examined the presentation. To start with the $5,500 daily profits that he claims that all members generate is a lie.Limited Spots Claim

These promises are absolutely ridiculous

He claims that people using Zeus 2 will make money 24/7 which is backed up with false trading history, which includes trading on weekends. Any and all traders know that markets are closed over the weekend.

In the binary options trading industry, when the markets close its nearly impossible for brokers to run their operations and for traders to trade as a result. This in itself proves that Matthew and his so called happy traders is a fabricated story just used for misinformation but shows his lack of knowledge about basic trading principles.

Does Matthew Harrison really exist?

The person behind the scam tries to portray himself as being a distinguished, young businessman. He has teamed up with other traders and programmers to create this so-called revolutionary trading robot called Zeus 2.

Another claim made is that the signals received from Zeus 2 are the most reliable with a success rate of 70%. If anything this claim is not worth boasting about especially when genuine robots are able to perform better.

To discredit him completely as a person we decided to do a bit of research on social media and the internet in general. Not surprisingly we were unable to find him on any social media platform. Plus, nobody in the binary options trading industry knows him or his company. So, nobody has ever worked with or seen him. Even seasoned traders with decades of experience have no idea who he is.

The problem with a person like this hiding their profile or trying to cover up their tracks is that there is something fishy. If anything such a successful person would want to be on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook to name a few social media platforms. But when you have a fake name and a faceless person it’s hard to trust what they are selling.

How does the Zeus 2 Robot Purport To Work?

We have established that the person posing as the CEO of Zeus 2, is just a cheap Fiverr actor. Now we’ll dive into how the software is supposed to work. Traders want to know how a software can make them money especially when it is claimed that it can generate potentially millions in a short time.

Like everyone else we too were interested in making $5,500 a day and that too seven days a week! The issue is that the video does not go into details as to how the money is generated. We are given the proverbial runaround by saying that the software works based on traders’ overall sentiments.

So, it follows what asset or currency pair the majority of traders are thinking about on any given day. The statement does shed light on one thing, and that’s the fact the person behind the system are trying to keep its functioning a mystery. Our question is how can the app fetch this data in the first place?

We all know that software does not have the capability of reading traders’ minds because this system would only work if that were the case. Our assessment is that this is just a cheap trick to lure traders into using the software.

Over the years we have reviewed so many different platforms, and the one thing that’s common amongst scams is keeping their functioning a mystery. Instead of being super intelligent and being able to read people’s minds this is just a scam software that traders should not use.

Amateur web design is another indicator of a scam

We were at first surprised to see that the official website looked like a grade school student designed it. The presentation, design and structure is horrible, to say the least. If the trading bot is this brilliant and generating $5500 a day, don’t you think the brilliant minds behind it could afford a professional web designer?

Security and Trusted Seals

These seals are obviously fake

We strongly feel that the website was rushed and probably made by the scammer himself. At best this is a $20 website or maybe less. A professional web design would have helped them look more trustworthy and corporate.

But the scammers know that this is at best a fly by night operation which will soon shutter when people stop falling for it. In that case, they will just start another scam online with an even cheaper design. The objective of this website is to display fake testimonials and sell.

What about the trading Algorithm?

All software is based on an algorithm that is at the heart of its design and functionality. Interestingly Zeus 2 does not have an algorithm, or at least they fail to mention it. It is yet another reason why this trading bot is a scam. If it were legit the people behind it would have no problem explaining the algorithm at length. But because it’s simply a scam why make the effort?

All that’s shown on the website are flashy things that all traders want, or perhaps everyone wants. That’s just to convince them that they can have these things too if they used this scam software. But without outlining how the system works intelligent and seasoned traders alike will avoid it like the plague.

All you read about is how great the software is and how it uniquely helps people make money. But the so-called unique features are neither presented nor is there any proof of it. So, apparently, it’s all just a sham.

Customer Support does not exist!

Despite saying over and over again that the system is great and helps traders make trades faster as well as providing 24/7 customer support the fact is that there isn’t any. The company does not offer any customer support.

So, it’s just one of the many other lies they are telling people. No contact number, chat box or email has ever been given to traders, and so there is no way to contact them.

Why do we think that Zeus 2 is a Scam?

Zeus 2 has nothing to offer traders other than empty promises. The so-called 100% win rate is entirely unrealistic, and so it is a fake claim that all scammers in the binary options industry make. The video presentation is another point which clearly shows it is a scam. The owner misses out on talking about important points, and it’s way too long for anyone to watch especially since it’s boring.

When talking about the profits a person can generate using Zeus 2, the owner seems unsure of himself. But the website clearly lists $5500 a day. But the video appears to claim that traders can earn as much as $10,000 a day with the software so which is it really?

Why would any sane trader sit through the entire video when not once does the person behind the system talk about how it works. Another reason why its a scam. The other hint we got telling us it was a scam is the fact that Mr. Matthew Harrison talks about way too many things.

He tries to create confusion which is unnecessary with several points raised and later left unfinished and unexplained about the software. Finally, the algorithm is a big unknown. Not knowing the algorithm is something that’s a big problem and so people shouldn’t trust it with their money.

Made up Testimonials

The official website is dotted with several testimonials. But these are fake. How do we know that? Well because the photos of the people who have left these testimonials are not real and taken from stock photo websites. The only role of these testimonials is to try once again to convince people to trust Zeus 2 and spend money on it.

The impossible task of earning $5500 a day!

Zeus 2 claims that traders can generate up to 7% of revenue on a daily basis. But the company is non-existent, and yet they are trying to bump up the revenue to around 9%.

The claims made should not be taken serious and will not be even considered by a seasoned trader. The scam website is once again relying on fiction and no proof. Regardless of how good the software is or how brilliant the mind behind it is, earning an average of $90 million annually is impossible even for billionaires with real businesses.

Final Verdict

Not ReliableAlmost everything about the Zeus 2 software and the sales pitch that accompanies it to convince traders smells of it being a scam. The video presentation is half baked and says nothing about this revolutionary software.

The only thing that anyone will find after watching a rather long sales video is that it’s filled with lies and deception that’s easy for any trader to debunk.

No way are you going to even make a fraction of what the software purports to offer traders. If anything you’ll be lucky to get your money back. Though the binary options industry is huge, not everyone can be trusted. We warn anyone and everyone to steer clear of this scam software or they will stand to lose their investment for sure.


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